Sunday, July 25, 2010

Notebooks, markers, crayons...

Wow, I just wrote about the kids out of school, and already...when I was in Walmart, they had all of their school supplies out. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR---might I say---KEITH HATES THIS TIME OF YEAR. He is certain that I had NO school supplies when I was young. Compared to the stuff out there now----I DIDN'T. I love picking out new pens and markers and folders. The composition books are so cheap, I need a dozen. (you never know when you might want to alter it for a journal) Oh, those zippered bags, have to have one in each color, and erasers, four different kinds , colored pencils---have to be water soluble---I could go on and on---------------------but-------------------------------I have to get over to Chico's to get my school clothes!!!

tooth fairy

Does the tooth fairy come to old people? Seems I had a tooth decay beneath the crown which had to be extracted. A couple of injections---twist and shout (me) and the tooth is out. Why did I not find any money under my pillow??? Instead I handed the money out to the "specialist"----$300.00. I feel he should have only charged half that price as it was very loose by the time I got to him. So he sewed a couple of stitches---.

Why do kids hang onto this magical belief the longest??? I think I get it---it has to do with money!!!!