Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blogging---not for the weak

Last week I had a few minutes so I began surfing to some other sites. As I started out, I felt so proud to be in this rather elite group called "bloggers". Oh, I know, it's open to whoever wants another job to do...but there is a certain type of person who actually do blog. With a lot of help from my friends, in particular, Jackie B., I had a blog. It had a banner, a way to upload pictures, lots of ideas from my art work as well as family and I was good to go. Well, pride goeth before a fall....

As I continued my journey to other blogs I was struck immediately by the beauty of other blogs. Certainly their sense of design is befitting artists. That's not to mention the music that begins playing. If you don't like that song you can select another. Actually, I think you can download some of their songs to that thing everyone carries with head phones---especially when they exercise. Off to one side is a video showing all sorts of things. Maybe a recent trip to Europe to study art under the "masters". A new baby someone had on their way to teaching a workshop (they cancelled for the day but were there the next day). "How to" instructional video of theirs about how to make your own pottery. And any other thing under the sun.

Oh.........and the colors..........and the fonts...........anyway, in one short journey I was cut down to realizing I had miles to go. I am so for lacking in the technical aspects of all this that I marvel at people who seem to have both---R and L sides of their brains working. The only consolation in all this is---I know more than my mom----but then she is 86 and has no computer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

health care---did we need it???

I guess history was made yesterday when a national health care package was passed by a mere 7 votes. I'm seeing bits and pieces as to it's content...remember when our President PROMISED the open doors and "no secrets"? WHAT HAPPENED?? The whole country is confused---people responding in cheers or spitting; shouts of "well done" drowned out by nasty sneers and words that aren't even nice. If it is so good---why do I feel so bad??? All along I thought that the concept might be OK. Let's do it simply---give us what you got or you take what you gave us. I think we would see quickly the "holes" in this plan. If we took what they have, the pool would increase which would cause the cost to decrease because of the mere numbers. If government took what they gave us, I would believe more readily that "...they are the government and they want to be our friends" so much so they join what they formed. NOT LIKELY to happen either way so---I have huge misgivings as to who really will benefit?? It is pretty scary to me that the population has proclaimed their desire NOT to have health care, yet our elected officials think THEY know what we need. I say, start's our only weapon. Send all of you back to the common life---but don't worry---you have insurance. As for the spitting and misbehavior---a repeat of colonial days. Ben Franklin was known to club a few people with his cane while people who didn't agree with him, spit. Some things NEVER change.


It was a cold and blustery day...isn't that the way Snoopy, lying on his doghouse would start his infamous novel? Actually it was a cold and blustery day---46 years ago when the Lichon couple became a "family". Our first born Michelle was welcomed into our world on March 21st, 1964, and we were different. No more selfishness as to who wins the argument...we had better things to do. Taking very seriously our new role as parents we set our steps forward as perfect parents raising that perfect child. I had been in nurse's training and had finished a pretty extensive course in the new born nursery. That extensive training left when it came to "my" newborn. I do remember the moment as tho' it was yesterday. Michelle learned with us and by the time (rather short time in her mind...hey, we were Catholic) her sister arrived we had relaxed some and didn't get up to see if she was breathing.

Flash forward to March 21, 2010. The Lichon family has grown. Wonderful son-in-laws; even more wonderful grand kids, gathered together at Michelle's favorite restaurant, "Rice n Beans". ( I don't even know the correct name of the restaurant, the kids started calling it that and it has stuck.)

We move around the table telling "...what is it you like about Michelle?" It was a gift to us hearing her kids tell about "Mommy". I know that is what it meant in our wedding ceremony---"...may you live to see your children's children"---and so we have. Happy Birthday first born---
thanks for being such a great teacher! We love

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

...and the envelope please

We have a tradition in our family for the annual Academy Awards. We dress for the occasion and always have spaghetti and champagne. There is supposed to be no talking while we watch---but that doesn't always work. Everyone throws in $5 and the person who makes the most right choices, wins. In most cases it is Keith. ( This is the man that goes to few movies, especially since we have the large screen. ) He used to play the Oscar's with our goddaughter in Northern MI, but since he won every year a lot of the people didn't want to play. He dropped out to give others a chance. You would think we were talking high finances here. I thought the awards were good, but no real incidents. Well, if you count the woman who spoke over the man for whatever award that was...but where are the
"streakers"; or outrageous dress; or political statements??? Mother and daughter took top honors in the red carpet walk. Katie Park and her mom, Tracy who designed their own look. We all said how glad we were that we didn't live out east---we could get to bed at a decent hour. I rest my case---it was boring. Hope you have a great week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Help...I really don't know how. I feel as tho' I have awakened from a long nap and everything on my computer has changed or has been updated. I just went through a long process of being able to sort my pictures better so that I may share them quicker. Well, I'm afraid I have failed miserable. Somewhere there is a whole bunch of photos that never got shared.

I feel I am reasonably intelligent. Yes, it's true the grand kids would NEVER come to me with a math problem, but hey, they line up for a creative writing piece. I went through several explanations and agreed that this was "easy to understand" so then---where did it go??? I watched a rather long download that somehow got so slow I opted out of it. Hey, patience had nothing to do with it. Since I've been doing Zen tangles I am so calm...

Anyway, keep watching. I will get some photos on here if it kills me. (why DO we say that one?)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


March 1st. What's the saying---comes in like a" lamb out like a lion." Or vice versa. Anyway, the day came so beautiful but I am hearing that the wkend---once again will bring rain. I am able to enjoy all of what nature spits out (ah, I love that word) but for many people, that is there only days off. (hey, I was there) Also, I think of the beautiful bride's, standing, looking out the window at rain. But than this is not the weather channel---that's left to Keith and his family---"how's the weather there?".

Still at the purging. I think when I finally get through once, I will have to go back and organize. What??? You think??? I think I will do "Zentangles" instead.

The new schedule is out at and I will be doing a watercolor class this Thurs. Check it out and there is still time to sign up. I also will be teaching a solder class on the 26th of March as well as April 23 and 24. Everything for both classes is provided. Gayle's website has been remodeled and looks GREAT!!!

Sadly, Jazzi Crafts will be closing I believe the end of April. They are going to be missed. I guess a reminder to support your local stores. They are the ones who stay late for you; special order; classes on site; and instructor on all things.

Whoops---something fell. Gotta run