Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blogging---not for the weak

Last week I had a few minutes so I began surfing to some other sites. As I started out, I felt so proud to be in this rather elite group called "bloggers". Oh, I know, it's open to whoever wants another job to do...but there is a certain type of person who actually do blog. With a lot of help from my friends, in particular, Jackie B., I had a blog. It had a banner, a way to upload pictures, lots of ideas from my art work as well as family and I was good to go. Well, pride goeth before a fall....

As I continued my journey to other blogs I was struck immediately by the beauty of other blogs. Certainly their sense of design is befitting artists. That's not to mention the music that begins playing. If you don't like that song you can select another. Actually, I think you can download some of their songs to that thing everyone carries with head phones---especially when they exercise. Off to one side is a video showing all sorts of things. Maybe a recent trip to Europe to study art under the "masters". A new baby someone had on their way to teaching a workshop (they cancelled for the day but were there the next day). "How to" instructional video of theirs about how to make your own pottery. And any other thing under the sun.

Oh.........and the colors..........and the fonts...........anyway, in one short journey I was cut down to realizing I had miles to go. I am so for lacking in the technical aspects of all this that I marvel at people who seem to have both---R and L sides of their brains working. The only consolation in all this is---I know more than my mom----but then she is 86 and has no computer.

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