Monday, March 22, 2010

health care---did we need it???

I guess history was made yesterday when a national health care package was passed by a mere 7 votes. I'm seeing bits and pieces as to it's content...remember when our President PROMISED the open doors and "no secrets"? WHAT HAPPENED?? The whole country is confused---people responding in cheers or spitting; shouts of "well done" drowned out by nasty sneers and words that aren't even nice. If it is so good---why do I feel so bad??? All along I thought that the concept might be OK. Let's do it simply---give us what you got or you take what you gave us. I think we would see quickly the "holes" in this plan. If we took what they have, the pool would increase which would cause the cost to decrease because of the mere numbers. If government took what they gave us, I would believe more readily that "...they are the government and they want to be our friends" so much so they join what they formed. NOT LIKELY to happen either way so---I have huge misgivings as to who really will benefit?? It is pretty scary to me that the population has proclaimed their desire NOT to have health care, yet our elected officials think THEY know what we need. I say, start's our only weapon. Send all of you back to the common life---but don't worry---you have insurance. As for the spitting and misbehavior---a repeat of colonial days. Ben Franklin was known to club a few people with his cane while people who didn't agree with him, spit. Some things NEVER change.

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