Wednesday, September 28, 2011

O.K.---quick post---I have mastered getting photos---just can't flip them, or get rid of when I duplicate. Have to wait till one of the little kids come over. Have a great week.


One of my artist friends wanted to do some "felting". She felt (excuse the pun) she had all the stuff but wasn't certain how to use it. Anything to gather and share. It was almost embarrassing how simple the process is. You can use "roving" (which she had an excess) or boughten felt or old wool pieces or yarns and other embellishments or anything you wish to "put yarn or a design on". We began quite simply---see photo---but quickly graduated to silk scarfs and anything we could get our hands on. Back to the process. A very sharp barbed needle is used to breakdown yarns to insert them into another item---be it clothing, decor, or whatever you wish. The action of your wrist to "break up the yarns" in an up and down motion is what can be dangerous. I work pretty fast and since I have a tool, with three or four needles, I can pounce down quickly and even hold a conversation. Once or twice you pounce on your fingers---never to be forgotten.


I have been busy. How can that be---retired, no kids home, and as a matter of fact, I loaned out my car which has "grounded" me to home. I marvel at how quickly the time can pass when I just stay at home. My hours are filled with "projects". Be it art, cleaning my "art room", trying to think of my next class to teach and which "art" should I work on. I am fortunate enough to have many talented artists as friends and we try to gather when we can. On Tuesday there are four of us who stretch ourselves to try new methods and mediums. Keith has been so very generous in accepting the "group" and often times runs out to get our lunch at a wonderful deli. Anyway---here are some of the things I have been working---rather---playing with.