Thursday, July 30, 2009

JAZI CRAFT a nice place to be...

Forgot to mention the store on Oceanside Blvd., called, "JAZI CRAFT, that so often gets overlooked. Believe me---it is worth the trip. Some of you may have been involved in the "black and white" challenge and saw how well stocked the store is. For the rest it is well worth the trip to see it for yourself. The help is always friendly and willing to help you find whatever you are looking for. And did I mention---they have GREAT classes there. Check it out on line. I have a soldering and watercolor class coming and we are always willing to try and give what you need in the way of classes. I am so geographicly challenged. When you see the Catholic church, St. Margaret's (?) start watching for it on your right side. In fact, turn right at the traffic light and a sharp left and you will find it. You're in for a treat. Support our local stores.

Delights of Travel

Hi all,

I've spent the day feeling sorry for myself because the Dr. wouldn't let me go to MI with Keith. He was going for the Lichon family reunion, and his dad's 90th b'day. Well it wasn't the WHOLE DAY. When I heard his horrendous story about the cancellation of his flight from Atlanta to Flintl I secretly gave thanks that I wasn't there as I tried to listen and be compassionate to his story. He said it was worse than anything he has ever seen (and he traveled for his job). People were crying; one woman had to get out for a funeral in the am. Keith was going to give her his seat if he got called for standby. I did tell him maybe he could be of some help to her as distraught as she was. It was looking like he was going to have to get a hotel---I said it was great if he helped her FIND the hotel...but that was it!!!! People screaming...where did travel become so difficult? They first took away our right to get out of our seat, by keeping the sign lit the whole time; NO MEALS, but you can buy a "lunch" for $8.50---which is cheese and crackers, you're almost apologetic to ask for cream for your coffee. The "flight/safety attendent" tells you you will have to wait till she comes back that way. And what happened to their greeting and smile...instead they are threathening, "...we'll not get this plane off on time if you don't quickly move to your seat" As if they have EVER been on time. "whoops, forgot about all the overhead is gone---we are going to have to check this bag". DARN---another $20 for luggage.

Well, Keith called and he got on a flight and though it's late...he's happy; the crying lady got on; and all the other "stories" encased in the huge bird in the sky...that really doesn't belong in the air---bt then that's for another day.

geo signing off

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi guys,

I have a sweet husband who is always trying to make my life easier. One way is to post photos on my blog. He doesn't realize that it is a very serious problem if he gets one on there which I would have deleted before it saw the light of day. That being said---in case you haven't guessed---is the group of us standing in front of Milton''s. It was just done way too quickly. Someone asked a guy to take the know when you say, "...will you take our picture?" and it ends up being 3 cameras later before he is finished. The last thing he would want to do is say,"...hey, you in the brown, you may want to move away from the skinny girl and then stand VERY SIDEWAYS to appear less heavy." He just wants to get to his lunch. I knew the feeling as I arrived at the resturantand got that perfect corned beef that I didn't even think calories...That picture needs to be blown up---placed on the fridge---where if I had one ounce of sense or one iota of self control it would have never happened. Seems I've fallen---and I MUST GET UP!!! i.e. see diet previous blog

Saturday, July 18, 2009

no worries

Had some time with Abigail today. We spent it in my art room. I was on one side, she on the other working on different things. When she saw the flowers we had made she LOVED them. I told her to take some. She certainly does have a sense of color as she sewed some for her friends. We had a great talk----the kind you dream about when you first hold them as infants. I remember thinking she would come to me for my advice and wisdom all the time. I didn't count on schedules; friends (both hers and mine); and all the distractions of life. When you get this little slot of time you savor it like a favorite meal...taking in all you can and keeping quiet till asked for advice. I just didn't know it was going to be, "...back when you were growing up" did they have these??? Oh well, she still is the greatest to hang out with...and with the things she shared...we have no worries about the youth.

geo--- signing off

Friday, July 17, 2009

night owl

...about every week or so I pull an "all nighter". Now if I had to get up to meet a 7am flight, you would play hell getting me up. I just don't get it. Keith thinks I am worried, NOT, I figure one person worrying is plenty in a family. Now, if I could just get something done. I looked---skimmed my emails and have some bottle caps to finish for an exchange I am in. The drill would not be a happy sound at this time, tho' Keith is buzzing like the sound it makes. I'm just not talented enough to coordinate the whole thing with his snoring.

I have made mention to my daughters that I miss seeing them. After deciding we would all do better I missed the first gathering last Monday to celebrate Geoff's B'day. They went to what we call "rice and beans" and I just didn't even feel like smelling the food. I understand, via the grape vine that I have gotten a "check" for not gathering wiht them. They called today, whoops, yesterday to see if I wanted to go to "submarina". Oh no, another check! When I suggested missed seeing them I was kind of thinking of La Costa or El Camino for lunch???? I know a way to get even...I could call them NOW and asked them to go to Denny's (I hate) but even Joan Crawford wouldn't do that to her children.

Right now I know if Keith does walk in here, after he scares the heck out of me, I will after to explain---"...why aren't you sleeping, Georgia. I told you that you were worried.

Have a great weekend---stay cool. I HATE THE HEAT, but then that is no surprize to anyone.

geogems signing off

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

florals for fair maidens

I have been away from writing and I have missed it...hope you have missed it as well. Had a wonderful morning with the greatest group of friends. Deborah taught us a class on floral making for a pin or to wear in your hair or as any embellishment. Satin, tulle, chiffon and some mix of materials created some real works of art. We used a candle to manipulate the fabric into the shape we wanted. No accidents---a few burnt fingers. A side note, when first burned rub it on denim per Linda---and it worked!!! I guess she's not just another pretty face. Elena worked like a "ball of fire" and I think she actually finished five or more. Gloria's were beautiful choices of colors. It was so evident how different we all are by the color choices each of us made. Isn't it GREAT God made us all so different. The word is---someone might have a B'day coming up---Happy b'day and many more...I hope always celebrated with those who love you.

I have to finish some art for my ABC club tomorrow. We are working on affirmations this time frame using 4x6 cards. They are always so great too. I am feeling pretty blessed. Hope you're having a great day!!!! xo and out with gems from geo

Wed. afternoon and the living was easy we had a great day with Deborah teaching a rowdy group how to do flowers made from different materials.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

geo's geneology

Had a visit today from Sally. She took a class this am and was taking one tonite at PP, so we had a little time. She is one of the most generous people I know. She brougt a program for me, but I was working on a picture that had the name Filman. She asked who it was. I said I thought it was my great grandfather. She said, don't you WANT TO KNOW??? She took quite a bit of time to try and journey through my geneology on the computer. It's very complicated (my life) and becomes very interesting each time I talk to my mom or now when I write about it. She was able to find it was a gr. granddad, and promised at another time SHE CAN DO EVEN MORE. Being a "gemini" and a little ADDH I had moved on. She is such a detective she will pursue it...Hope she finds all those rich aunts and uncles I drean about.

Can't believe it is soon the 4th of July. HOW???? Hoping all of you take some time to give thanks for our freedom and enjoy your family. Most of all, be safe.

geogems signing off

p.s. still doing the pool thing, but it's rough