Thursday, July 30, 2009

JAZI CRAFT a nice place to be...

Forgot to mention the store on Oceanside Blvd., called, "JAZI CRAFT, that so often gets overlooked. Believe me---it is worth the trip. Some of you may have been involved in the "black and white" challenge and saw how well stocked the store is. For the rest it is well worth the trip to see it for yourself. The help is always friendly and willing to help you find whatever you are looking for. And did I mention---they have GREAT classes there. Check it out on line. I have a soldering and watercolor class coming and we are always willing to try and give what you need in the way of classes. I am so geographicly challenged. When you see the Catholic church, St. Margaret's (?) start watching for it on your right side. In fact, turn right at the traffic light and a sharp left and you will find it. You're in for a treat. Support our local stores.

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