Wednesday, July 1, 2009

geo's geneology

Had a visit today from Sally. She took a class this am and was taking one tonite at PP, so we had a little time. She is one of the most generous people I know. She brougt a program for me, but I was working on a picture that had the name Filman. She asked who it was. I said I thought it was my great grandfather. She said, don't you WANT TO KNOW??? She took quite a bit of time to try and journey through my geneology on the computer. It's very complicated (my life) and becomes very interesting each time I talk to my mom or now when I write about it. She was able to find it was a gr. granddad, and promised at another time SHE CAN DO EVEN MORE. Being a "gemini" and a little ADDH I had moved on. She is such a detective she will pursue it...Hope she finds all those rich aunts and uncles I drean about.

Can't believe it is soon the 4th of July. HOW???? Hoping all of you take some time to give thanks for our freedom and enjoy your family. Most of all, be safe.

geogems signing off

p.s. still doing the pool thing, but it's rough

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jackieb said...

I love love checking out family history I do I it soooo interesting. Sally really has done so much on research she would be the one to help for sure.

See ya soon,
hugs, jackie