Wednesday, July 15, 2009

florals for fair maidens

I have been away from writing and I have missed it...hope you have missed it as well. Had a wonderful morning with the greatest group of friends. Deborah taught us a class on floral making for a pin or to wear in your hair or as any embellishment. Satin, tulle, chiffon and some mix of materials created some real works of art. We used a candle to manipulate the fabric into the shape we wanted. No accidents---a few burnt fingers. A side note, when first burned rub it on denim per Linda---and it worked!!! I guess she's not just another pretty face. Elena worked like a "ball of fire" and I think she actually finished five or more. Gloria's were beautiful choices of colors. It was so evident how different we all are by the color choices each of us made. Isn't it GREAT God made us all so different. The word is---someone might have a B'day coming up---Happy b'day and many more...I hope always celebrated with those who love you.

I have to finish some art for my ABC club tomorrow. We are working on affirmations this time frame using 4x6 cards. They are always so great too. I am feeling pretty blessed. Hope you're having a great day!!!! xo and out with gems from geo

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Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

I had so much fun Georgia.
thank you thank you for a wonderful creative time and for yummy lunch!