Friday, July 17, 2009

night owl

...about every week or so I pull an "all nighter". Now if I had to get up to meet a 7am flight, you would play hell getting me up. I just don't get it. Keith thinks I am worried, NOT, I figure one person worrying is plenty in a family. Now, if I could just get something done. I looked---skimmed my emails and have some bottle caps to finish for an exchange I am in. The drill would not be a happy sound at this time, tho' Keith is buzzing like the sound it makes. I'm just not talented enough to coordinate the whole thing with his snoring.

I have made mention to my daughters that I miss seeing them. After deciding we would all do better I missed the first gathering last Monday to celebrate Geoff's B'day. They went to what we call "rice and beans" and I just didn't even feel like smelling the food. I understand, via the grape vine that I have gotten a "check" for not gathering wiht them. They called today, whoops, yesterday to see if I wanted to go to "submarina". Oh no, another check! When I suggested missed seeing them I was kind of thinking of La Costa or El Camino for lunch???? I know a way to get even...I could call them NOW and asked them to go to Denny's (I hate) but even Joan Crawford wouldn't do that to her children.

Right now I know if Keith does walk in here, after he scares the heck out of me, I will after to explain---"...why aren't you sleeping, Georgia. I told you that you were worried.

Have a great weekend---stay cool. I HATE THE HEAT, but then that is no surprize to anyone.

geogems signing off


jackieb said...

Silly you could use a crop-a-dile for punching holes in bottle caps, no noise....oh but do you have one?
ha ha

Have a great weekend!

geogems said...

I just noticed you commented on my blog---rather your blog---and I am so excited---and yes, I have a cropadile. I just forget I have one. I miss seeing you. Hope to get to a gathering soon. xo geo