Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

take life slowly---one step at a time

"THE JOURNEY" has to pause a bit and do this thing called life. I will be back with mom's trip to her next life.

I remember as a nurse occasionally working with my mom at Dr. Nelson's office. (my mom was a nurse also). We would drive to her house for our lunch break and she would do more in that one hour, than I did most days. She would have her laundry to "hang out" and a quick look at her "soap"; dinner started; and time to go back and work another six hours. I always marveled at how fast she did things. Myself on the other hand loved the challenge of waiting till the last minute to finish a project. Kid's communion dresses were still being hemmed on the day; paperswhile in school took all day of the day they were due etc.; I think you get the picture.

I have engaged on an art project that is from a magazine called, "...image to the soul". It is probably an art piece I would not have been too keen on making, but some friends and myself have been meeting and stretching ourselves on projects to try. This one is dedicated to my mom and I have really gotten into it...almost a must do project---but with enjoyment.

I was putting several goats of paint onto a canvas---trying to hurry as I have the kids coming tonight for dinner and a movie night---and I was wanting to quickly wipe the new paint off. I hurried from the outside---distracted---and the next thing I knew I was on the floor---following a rather large crash. ( Why is it the first thing you do when you fall is look---to see if anyone saw you??!) I had tripped over a storage bin (that I left out) and pulled a chair down with me. I injured both legs and my left arm and of course, my dignity. Keith came rushing to see what had happened...and the rest as they say, is history. I anticipate some soreness, but for now I am just grateful that no one else was here. Go figure---as I write this on my blog for the world to see???? It is a little more light hearted than the previous posting. I WILL BE BACK.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

journey of life

When I would try to figure out if I should go to see my dying mom my daughter Tracy used to say, "Mom, you'll know when it's time." October 5Th was time---and I KNEW IT.

Mom had been falling; not eating; and was hospitalized after several visits to Er's. When I called my sister and told her I was coming, she did not try to talk me out of it as she had in the past. I KNEW IT WAS TIME.

I packed, not knowing how long I would be in Michigan. Keith came with me as I had not been on an airplane since my very unpleasant Hawaii trip---but that's another story. We left out of John Wayne Airport... tickets some cheaper and not that far to get to. Our flight was uneventful and we arrived in Detroit Metro without incident. We rent a car and are off for the two hour trip to Saginaw.

Did I mention it was our 47Th wedding anniversary??? We looked for a place to eat as the airlines do not serve anything. We were dog tired and hungry. We saw a sign for "CHILI DOGS", Keith's favorite food of all kinds. I suggest we go there and his face lit up like it did the Christmas I told him he didn't have to come shopping with me. We enjoyed a hot dog and some onion rings. Well---not exactly enjoyed but we had eaten in worse "joints" than that in our 47 years. We got back on the road as soon as we could.

We finally get to my sister's house. We enter and find that the living room has been converted to a mini apartment for mom. A hospital bed sits at an angle in the room, where it appears she would be able to see outside if she desired. There are two lounge chairs, one dad's and one is mom's. A nice size TV, but the big surprise is Mary had taken down her pictures and replaced them with the pictures mom had on the apartment walls. One is a very dated picture of me and my three sisters. Did I say outdated? Then there are pictures of mom and dad when they were married in 1955; one of dad in the service; a picture of dad's mom and one of mom's mother. A couple of frames with dad's medals in them and finished off with a "sick call crucifix." For those who don't know, that is a cross that was used when the priest came to the home to bless the dying person. It has two candles in it, which has a fitting place and should be lit. There is also a small bottle with holy water, that the priest uses to bless the patient. In the old days this call to the priest was when a person was definitely going to die. The priest would enter the house where he was met with the lit candles and led to the sick person's bed. This was called "Extreme Unction". Since Vatican ll, it is called "sacrament of the sick" and is often done while the patient is ambulatory and doing something as simple as a surgery for which he or she wants to be blessed.

I walk to mom's bed and she looks as though she is sleeping. I get a full report from my sister on how she was doing. It seems her first night, last night, she was more than a little upset that dad was not in bed with her or vice versa. She insisted that he come and get her to go into his bed. It took several times to tell her that dad needed his rest and that there was not room for her in the twin bed he was using. Mary says, pray there is no repeat, as she could hardly get her to settle. Let's see how good the "pediatric nurse" is with the geriatric patient. And so our journey begins.................

Monday, September 20, 2010

Life goes on...

Everything has happened and nothing has happened. I haven't been on my blog since I wrote about my mom. It is always amazing to me that everyday things occur, even when you are hurting. I realize that sounds naive, it just is----amazing.

As a Christian, I believe that this life is temporary. To put into "Baltimore Catechism" terms,"...we are on this earth to know, love and serve God and to be forever with Him in Heaven." Well, you get the meaning. Because of the "sin" of Adam and Eve", (that's a whole different story), we have sin and suffering. I guess that's why,( coming into this world, "birth canal", come on), and going out is so painful. Remove all sentiments and feelings, death is a good thing. Actually a very good thing since our "after life" is so long, eternity? In Sr. Cunnagunda's words,"...if you take ONE grain of sand" and something, something (hey, I wasn't listening) This is getting way too philosophical anyway. Life does go on.

September 11 anniversary came and went. The terror was remembered, but not in the way we experienced it on that dreadful day. The "little boys" had soccer and football games---lost one and won one, and life went on. The teen girls had games, homework, dance, and life went on. I had a class to teach, art play, and meals to fix and life went on. Keith had work with John, growth group meetings, attendance at above activities, and life went on.

My mom is still dying, my dad is still trying to help mom, and Mary Ellen goes there daily to help in all ways she can. We talk, every day and until I get the inevitable phone call to come, life goes on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm not so old that I do not remember what a "broken heart" is. It is the crushes that go wrong when you first start noticing the boys. The high school sweetheart, for some at least, who "breaks your heart..." Well, I think you get the drift.

My Mom lives in Michigan, where we were raised and where we raised our families before moving west. We saw my parent's at least yearly, for a winter visit. Two years ago, Mom says that they won't be coming this year "...cuz we/re just getting too old". I haven't been able to travel because of some health issues, so I have not seen my parents in a long time. The phone kept us somewhat in touch...and time passes.

2010 my mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. (She has out lived all of her family at 85 years of age. ) And what a sentence. This disease is often called one in which the family suffers, as the "patient" is more and more unaware of their surroundings. When mom called me Fern I wasn't that upset, tho' I did remember Fern is the sister she did not get along with. At that time there were so many lucid moments that a few not knowing who or where was forgivable.

Today I learned from my sister/saint Mary that there is a possibility of calling "hospice" in if she doesn't start eating. Now, we all know what "hospice" means. (sort of like calling the priest for Extreme Unction in the old days) You always wanted to wait to be certain the person was REALLY going to die. Mom mostly sleeps now and occasionally knows Mary. I am 2000 miles away and am trying to somehow digest all of this and wonder what and if I should go.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that my mom and me had a somewhat violable relationship. I am not sure why but we both had to be right and wanted all of the people around us to take our side. When I would realize how silly this was---I would write notes, (especially when I was younger) to tell her how sorry I was. This is maybe that note to her.


I am so sorry to be so far away. I wish I could be more of a help, especially for Mary. I wish I could sit at your feet and you would stroke my hair and tell me how much you love me. Instead I am stuck on a rewind in my head of EVERY DISAGREEMENT we have ever had. In that respect, I am almost grateful that you are unaware of your memories. Pleas take a somewhat recent one where we were at Traverse City and you and I went back to the cottage together. I don't recall our conversation but I do recall laughing and being happy that I was with you. I have tried to hold that memory in these days of hearing your struggle.

I have always believed that God knew who our parents were...and so, no matter any disagreements in life, You were the MOM He gave me. Thanks for all you have done---and even for what you have NOT DONE. Somehow in that mixed up mind PLEASE know that I love you and I pray for a peaceful departing of this step of your journey into the next. Oh, and mom, all your tears will be washed away into laughter and you can run to your Mom's arms.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

risk taker-------------not in art

What a week this has been. My sleep is still messed up, so...................I got on the computer at an odd hour,and it brought me courage to share some of my paintings. You would think with these sleep habits gone astray I would DO some painting, but I sent odd ones already done, hanging in the house. I started with my favorite...Isiah 49. I painted this in acrylic when I was in a bad time in my life. Well, comparatively speaking, not THAT bad, but it has become one of my favorites. I rarely work in acrylics, except in collage work, so it is probably the only one I will do. It was done first in dark colors and it looked like a hand coming out of hell. I redid it in softer colors and we can sleep at night with it in our room. I'm getting off track...
I am not even sure how I stumbled onto this site: (artist, Geo) I timidly offered this painting to the site. Imagine my proud moment when I checked in the morning, and another artist had critiqued my work! It was a simple one liner---but oh it was beautiful!!!!!! Bonus that she was from the UK, where some of the oldest art comes from.
Well-----------------I thought if THAT was OK, then I would send some others. What an absolute blast to be on a site with so many gifted artists, with all kinds of mediums. I'm afraid it has really created a monster! But wait---maybe I'll paint that "feeling"!!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Notebooks, markers, crayons...

Wow, I just wrote about the kids out of school, and already...when I was in Walmart, they had all of their school supplies out. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR---might I say---KEITH HATES THIS TIME OF YEAR. He is certain that I had NO school supplies when I was young. Compared to the stuff out there now----I DIDN'T. I love picking out new pens and markers and folders. The composition books are so cheap, I need a dozen. (you never know when you might want to alter it for a journal) Oh, those zippered bags, have to have one in each color, and erasers, four different kinds , colored pencils---have to be water soluble---I could go on and on---------------------but-------------------------------I have to get over to Chico's to get my school clothes!!!

tooth fairy

Does the tooth fairy come to old people? Seems I had a tooth decay beneath the crown which had to be extracted. A couple of injections---twist and shout (me) and the tooth is out. Why did I not find any money under my pillow??? Instead I handed the money out to the "specialist"----$300.00. I feel he should have only charged half that price as it was very loose by the time I got to him. So he sewed a couple of stitches---.

Why do kids hang onto this magical belief the longest??? I think I get it---it has to do with money!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Past and future

Time for the closing activities for school. Band concerts; choral groups; sports banquets; cheer and pom try-outs and banquets; Lancer dancers and Excalibur tryouts---well you get the picture. I was wanting to do something for Abigail and Kate to celebrate. Abs tried out and made Varsity cheer at Vista High School; Kate made Lancer Dancer at Carlsbad High School. As you can see I decided to make photo holders with their school colors. It wasn't till I wrote thier year of graduation down that I realized Abigail is in the race for graduation (junior) and Kate right behind her (sophomore). In a cliche---where has the time gone???? I know exactly what I was doing as I awaited the BIRTH of each of the girls. The joy was shared (I think) by my co workers at CIGNA peds in Chandler, AZ. So much has changed since then. I now live in Oceanside (NEVER liked the heat) and I am able to attend all these activities, without taking a SW flight. I can help when they need to "borrow" something for their plays; I can go to the boys (they weren't even a thought then) soccer games. But wait, I'm getting off track. As I look at both girls, of course they reflect their beautiful moms, but they also have developed into their own selves. Each of them have a poise beyond their age and a look so fresh and young...They have come a long way from family "shows" in the dining room, but every once in awhile I see them wanting to return where life was simpler. They accomplish this by watching "Pocahontas" together, holding hands and YES, Abbi still cries when Captain Smith leaves. Ahhh, the good old days. 2012 and 2013 USED TO sound futuristic. Not any more!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Janey Cutler - Britain's Got Talent 2010 - Auditions Week 4

I am certain America has talent...but why is it that Gr. Britain has the talent we all admire and want to be??? I have thought about that and I wonder if it is because we in the states are so all consumed with appearances, and therefore would never take the chance of "making a fool of our self" unless we were a size six, gorgeous hair style, and "drop dead outfit" on. Maybe it is time to let go of some of that nonsense and appreciate who we are...where we are (in age that is)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

journal class

I love a class that I do that is fashioned after women in our lives. The "cut outs" unfold and the first page is my great grandmother. The second is my mom; the third is me and my three sisters; and the last is my family; husband and three kids as well as in laws. I love doing it and think you will enjoy seeing it. Let me know if you are interested. xo geo

Elvis and altered books

Our altered art group has decided to do books again. Each of us, (seven) have chosen a book and a theme and passed it to the first person. The book I received had "temptation" as it's theme. My mind went immediately to my Catholic education (elementary, high school and nursing school) where the nuns very strongly helped us to avoid all temptations. Be it clothes, movies, music, talk etc. Sr. Cunnugunda (yes, that IS her name) decided that Elvis was straight from the devil and put a call out to the entire eighth grade class, minus Janie and myself. She advised all of them NOT to go to the local theater to see Elvis that weekend or they would go straight to a HOT, BIG THEATER called hell. Of course Jane and myself went to see "Love Me Tender" where we learned about the phone call. We were aghast (what DOES that mean) that we had NOT gotten a phone call and decided if we were ALL there...what could she possibly do to us??? Well, somewhere between the phone call and "Stand---those who went to see Elvis..." our classmates lost their nerve. Of course Jane and I stood proud---just the two of us. Well we found out quickly what she could do to us---she told us to go put our boots on and clean the girls bathroom that the toilets had overflowed.
You know as nasty as that sounds I LOVED MY EIGHTH GRADE CLASS. I am still friends with Janie, and I have great stories to tell my unbelieving grand kids---and best of all---great material for "altered books". Can't wait for the next exchange tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blogging---not for the weak

Last week I had a few minutes so I began surfing to some other sites. As I started out, I felt so proud to be in this rather elite group called "bloggers". Oh, I know, it's open to whoever wants another job to do...but there is a certain type of person who actually do blog. With a lot of help from my friends, in particular, Jackie B., I had a blog. It had a banner, a way to upload pictures, lots of ideas from my art work as well as family and I was good to go. Well, pride goeth before a fall....

As I continued my journey to other blogs I was struck immediately by the beauty of other blogs. Certainly their sense of design is befitting artists. That's not to mention the music that begins playing. If you don't like that song you can select another. Actually, I think you can download some of their songs to that thing everyone carries with head phones---especially when they exercise. Off to one side is a video showing all sorts of things. Maybe a recent trip to Europe to study art under the "masters". A new baby someone had on their way to teaching a workshop (they cancelled for the day but were there the next day). "How to" instructional video of theirs about how to make your own pottery. And any other thing under the sun.

Oh.........and the colors..........and the fonts...........anyway, in one short journey I was cut down to realizing I had miles to go. I am so for lacking in the technical aspects of all this that I marvel at people who seem to have both---R and L sides of their brains working. The only consolation in all this is---I know more than my mom----but then she is 86 and has no computer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

health care---did we need it???

I guess history was made yesterday when a national health care package was passed by a mere 7 votes. I'm seeing bits and pieces as to it's content...remember when our President PROMISED the open doors and "no secrets"? WHAT HAPPENED?? The whole country is confused---people responding in cheers or spitting; shouts of "well done" drowned out by nasty sneers and words that aren't even nice. If it is so good---why do I feel so bad??? All along I thought that the concept might be OK. Let's do it simply---give us what you got or you take what you gave us. I think we would see quickly the "holes" in this plan. If we took what they have, the pool would increase which would cause the cost to decrease because of the mere numbers. If government took what they gave us, I would believe more readily that "...they are the government and they want to be our friends" so much so they join what they formed. NOT LIKELY to happen either way so---I have huge misgivings as to who really will benefit?? It is pretty scary to me that the population has proclaimed their desire NOT to have health care, yet our elected officials think THEY know what we need. I say, start's our only weapon. Send all of you back to the common life---but don't worry---you have insurance. As for the spitting and misbehavior---a repeat of colonial days. Ben Franklin was known to club a few people with his cane while people who didn't agree with him, spit. Some things NEVER change.


It was a cold and blustery day...isn't that the way Snoopy, lying on his doghouse would start his infamous novel? Actually it was a cold and blustery day---46 years ago when the Lichon couple became a "family". Our first born Michelle was welcomed into our world on March 21st, 1964, and we were different. No more selfishness as to who wins the argument...we had better things to do. Taking very seriously our new role as parents we set our steps forward as perfect parents raising that perfect child. I had been in nurse's training and had finished a pretty extensive course in the new born nursery. That extensive training left when it came to "my" newborn. I do remember the moment as tho' it was yesterday. Michelle learned with us and by the time (rather short time in her mind...hey, we were Catholic) her sister arrived we had relaxed some and didn't get up to see if she was breathing.

Flash forward to March 21, 2010. The Lichon family has grown. Wonderful son-in-laws; even more wonderful grand kids, gathered together at Michelle's favorite restaurant, "Rice n Beans". ( I don't even know the correct name of the restaurant, the kids started calling it that and it has stuck.)

We move around the table telling "...what is it you like about Michelle?" It was a gift to us hearing her kids tell about "Mommy". I know that is what it meant in our wedding ceremony---"...may you live to see your children's children"---and so we have. Happy Birthday first born---
thanks for being such a great teacher! We love

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

...and the envelope please

We have a tradition in our family for the annual Academy Awards. We dress for the occasion and always have spaghetti and champagne. There is supposed to be no talking while we watch---but that doesn't always work. Everyone throws in $5 and the person who makes the most right choices, wins. In most cases it is Keith. ( This is the man that goes to few movies, especially since we have the large screen. ) He used to play the Oscar's with our goddaughter in Northern MI, but since he won every year a lot of the people didn't want to play. He dropped out to give others a chance. You would think we were talking high finances here. I thought the awards were good, but no real incidents. Well, if you count the woman who spoke over the man for whatever award that was...but where are the
"streakers"; or outrageous dress; or political statements??? Mother and daughter took top honors in the red carpet walk. Katie Park and her mom, Tracy who designed their own look. We all said how glad we were that we didn't live out east---we could get to bed at a decent hour. I rest my case---it was boring. Hope you have a great week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Help...I really don't know how. I feel as tho' I have awakened from a long nap and everything on my computer has changed or has been updated. I just went through a long process of being able to sort my pictures better so that I may share them quicker. Well, I'm afraid I have failed miserable. Somewhere there is a whole bunch of photos that never got shared.

I feel I am reasonably intelligent. Yes, it's true the grand kids would NEVER come to me with a math problem, but hey, they line up for a creative writing piece. I went through several explanations and agreed that this was "easy to understand" so then---where did it go??? I watched a rather long download that somehow got so slow I opted out of it. Hey, patience had nothing to do with it. Since I've been doing Zen tangles I am so calm...

Anyway, keep watching. I will get some photos on here if it kills me. (why DO we say that one?)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


March 1st. What's the saying---comes in like a" lamb out like a lion." Or vice versa. Anyway, the day came so beautiful but I am hearing that the wkend---once again will bring rain. I am able to enjoy all of what nature spits out (ah, I love that word) but for many people, that is there only days off. (hey, I was there) Also, I think of the beautiful bride's, standing, looking out the window at rain. But than this is not the weather channel---that's left to Keith and his family---"how's the weather there?".

Still at the purging. I think when I finally get through once, I will have to go back and organize. What??? You think??? I think I will do "Zentangles" instead.

The new schedule is out at and I will be doing a watercolor class this Thurs. Check it out and there is still time to sign up. I also will be teaching a solder class on the 26th of March as well as April 23 and 24. Everything for both classes is provided. Gayle's website has been remodeled and looks GREAT!!!

Sadly, Jazzi Crafts will be closing I believe the end of April. They are going to be missed. I guess a reminder to support your local stores. They are the ones who stay late for you; special order; classes on site; and instructor on all things.

Whoops---something fell. Gotta run

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Urge to Purge---not normal

I'm sitting here listening to the thunder and it sounds an awful lot like MI. I LOVE rainy days. I don't love "teaser" days. It's pouring one moment and a rainbow the next with full sunshine. It's almost like my moods lately. I have been purging---something that does NOT come natural to me. Every thing I touch has some sort of a story. Who I got it from, when, (gosh, that MANY years ago?) and---do I really need it. Probably no on every ting I touch but I torture myself and rip out pages of magazines that I will probably never get to till the next purge; as I find spots to put things it seems my little art room is getting "spread out". Do you ever feel that one job begets another? Some days this past week it seems I was spinning my wheels. Something must be getting accomplished as I certainly have made several trips to the garage in anticipation of a truck coming to load the many boxes and bags. I look around and it doesn't seem like I have made a dent in anything. I am NOT quitting...Michelle would be so proud of me. Tracy will just want to go through the things I am throwing out. She's a "chip off the ole block". (what does that mean?) My mom tells the story of when I was little she could not let me out on trash day because I was always dragging some one's junk home saying, "...look what they're throwing out...It's still good." I know that must be true because I still get a skipped beat when I pass a cool piece of "something that is still good "at the curb. Stay warm and, love, love it...geo

Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy belated Valentine day!!! As I write this there are two boxes of chocolates, one chocolate covered strawberry, and cut out cookies (well, those are Keith's from his "first valentine's, Shelly and Tracy) just begging me to blow the diet. I am looking at things thinking what I have to do to "burn off" the damage. What a temptation. Hope you had a great day. The weather here was so beautiful you ALMOST felt guilty as the people out east were still digging out themselves. Hey---it's the reason we live here.

What have I been doing creatively? Zen-tangles...I will try and get a picture posted...they are the most relaxing exercise you could do. You need paper, pencil, ruler (if you're a perfectionist), and a micron pen. After dividing a square into 4 parts, anyway you chose, you begin to doodle. Yes, I said doodle. The results are pretty and amazing. Plus, it is supposed to be a great stress buster. I am here to tell you it works. I have never been one to sit and watch TV. This is perfect for doing something to make you feel that it is not a total waste of time. I must admit, it does reek of Sr. Cunagunda telling us, " will get this penmanship right". In fact, recall some of those patterns and you have it---ZENTANGLES. Till later---xo Geo

Monday, February 8, 2010

temporary is a long time

BUMMER. I think I confessed (like it was wrong) that I was on oxygen temporarily. My new friend, Shannon, (from N. Carolina) ran me through the results of my overnight test. (see previous notes) Seems I dropped to 81 in my sleep and stayed in the 80's for over an hour. That wasn't good. I pack up the unit that betrayed me for UPS pickup, and resigned myself that "temporary" is a little longer. I really am trying to look on the bright side of things. I think of all those people out there who have it so much worse and I thank God that I can be mobile. That doesn't mean I lost my vanity or that I can point on a map where my new friend lives.

Hey, how about those Saints??? and how about Betty White. How old IS SHE???

Friday, February 5, 2010

elephants ? painting???

John (our son in law) just returned from a trip to Thailand. He couldn't wait to show me a site on the computer of elephants painting. There is a group (or is it tribe?) of 5 that are ridiculous. I can't even explain it, so I will direct you to the video he sent me to: Thailand elephant paintings on your search engine and click on the site. I think there is a lesson in this. I paint watercolors as well as mixed media things, and do a whole lot of thinking and planning. I wonder if it's necessary?? These were pretty awesome and at the end of the session they raffle them off for more money than I will ever make on a painting. The guy who trains them said that the African elephants could never be trained to do painting---they're too stupid. Never say never...I gotta run---I've got a paint brush in my mouth.


I am having some medical tests to see if I can come off my oxygen. I had to wait till a package arrived in the mail. Upon opening there was a cylinder, a monitor, and a finger tool. After some instruction from a person in S. Carolina I was soon recording my heart rate and O2 saturation. I'll need to wear it all night and report on the phone as well as have her retrieve the info on the monitor. It is so slick the times we live testing without leaving the house. Hopefully I will get a good read and be able to discontinue. As I was hanging up I noticed Keith was laughing. I asked why and he said, " are so relational. I wouldn't ask or know anything other than the test." He's right. After a BRIEF phone call Wed. I knew her name-Shannon-knew she had three kids who had been off so many days because of storms. Though it was only raining today they still called school off. Her husband worked from home and so she took the early shift so he could be with the kids I have a picture of her in my head. She is a petite little brunette who loves her job or at least loves the "break' from her kids. She is very kind and a pleasure to work with...Back to my test---will it still register if I take the unit off during my sleep? (When I first wore the oxygen at night I awoke the first morning and found that I had ripped it off in my sleep.) Wish me luck...I am getting a sore neck from Keith tripping over my LONG plastic tubing.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

home studies

Tucker is beig home schooled and when the other grandkids heard they all thought that was a great idea. This picture is Tuck and myself doing a clay project for school. The boys used to LOVE doing art with me...hmmmm, what happened?? I guess they grew up...
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sweet sixteen

Not certain where this will end up on the blog site. I am so excited I got the pic to my site. We have a "tradition "of sorts in the family and that is to go to a Mexican restaurant ("beans and rice) for our B'day celebration. Even Keith, who doesn't like Mexican food, but in his words "...loves margaritas" goes and enjoys himself. After eating we go around the table and each one tells what it is about the B'day person you like...It's easy with Abigail. I like how she is always in tune to the underdog---the one who no one seems to pay attention to. When she was little a lot of her teachers used to put her with new students as she really took them under her wing. She also is a great traveler. Having taken two train trips to Santa Barbara with her,and she didn't get impatient with me when I entered the train at the very furthest from our business class car. She lugged her duffel bag and retrieved me after she found some perfect seats. She has been traveling all her life, what with grandparents in England and often Florida. Her best skiing is done in Switzerland. She makes me laugh. She has a most wonderful sense of humor...and she helps me when I cry. I remember the first time she experienced me crying I was actually on the phone with her leaving her competition. When I heard her voice I started crying thinking what I was going to miss. She said, "'re NOT CRYING grandma." She is a soul mate and I have often said I could save her a lot of pain, but she needs to walk the road of life on her own. I love her deeper than the ocean and higher than God...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Past...

The girls, (Michelle and Tracy) brought lunch for me today. I started on, "...Dad still hasn't taken the tree down." I guess they had heard enough from me---they went to the garage, grabbed the box, dismantled it and said, "there! ".

Now did they mean, "leave dad alone?" or "why didn't you do it?" I REALLY have tried NOT to nag. Unfortunately, they didn't come under that promise. Soooo, when I wanted to complain---o.k.--nag, I called them. Any way it is down. Now it just has to make it's way up into the attic. I'm anxious to see how long that takes!!!

On another note, our granddaughter, Abbi, will be 16 on Friday. HOW CAN THAT BE??? ANYONE who knows me, knows every developmental milestone she has had. She is truly a beautiful young lady---inside and out. A great student and cheerleader and class officer and any volunteer program there is---including the young children at North Coast who she mentors. How glad I am that God decided to put me on earth the same time she is. We have bonded in such a way that I feel she probably knows me better than most. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABS and I hope I WILL dance at your wedding.


OMG. How did I become an official site for B. Boxer. I don't even like her and I can't get her off my site. Jackie HELP!!! i GOT AN EMAIL FROM HER regarding her interest in a pressing problem---fatalities on our roads. Now granted, we do have too many fatalities BUT it's not our most pressing problem in CA. So, I wrote that back to her and named "health reform" as a problem---pressing. I told her, WE WANT WHAT YOU GOT or YOU TAKE WHAT WE HAVE. Also, STAY HOME and solve some of our problems. (after I read Nancy P.and her gang (125 people) went to a peace conference in the Netherlands.) Ah, WE pay for that. How did this become a political column??? While I am on it---has anyone seen Arnold??? I don't think he lives here anymore!!!!

I saw on the news a story about "Whole foods" who are offering their employees a discount on their groceries based on: non smokers, BMI, and I think hypertension. Good idea---I think and I wonder where I would fall??? I was so angry when I worked for CIGNA and they first enforced their "no smoking" policy. I wrote them (imagine that) and asked when they were going to "dock" the obese employees. Never heard back---but did hear our company held stock in R. J.Reynolds---large cigarette company!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


back again,
I made the fatal mistake of going to one person's site, which takes you to another site, and on to yet another site...well, you know the drill. It is three hours later and WOW. There are reative people out there. It was so fun visiting and seeing and hearing. Some have the most sophisticated blogs; others, homey and comfortable. What a neat way to interact, share thoughts, and keep in touch. ( I have had more than one person from my past connect with me as they had seen my blog.) No, I don't think there is anyone out there I wouldn't want to connect with...Anyway, if you have time---it's worth the journey. geo and out...............

grateful musing...

Blogging---a promise broken---of trying to be more faithful to writing. Now I am seeing the ability to have "mobile blogs". Yikes---this tech world is leaving me behind, and I am short of breath trying to catch up and catch on...

Our heads are all filled with the Haiti tragedy. It is unimaginable. We Californians were trapped in our houses during an unusual week of rain and flooding and were all going steer crazy. Imagine not having a house, or members of your family (that's coming up next). I chose to concentrate on the "miracles" and the strength of the people. The US has come forward and hopefully we will continue to help this very humble nation.

Now, members of your family. Abigail's b'day is this month (16) and Evan's 8th. I called Matthew last Sunday to see when we were celebrating Evan's. (people who know this family know that we celebrate "ground hogs day")---anything to gather. He said, "I was going to call you---I got hit by a car". Of course the mother in me wanted to rush over and see for myself that which he was telling me, that he wasn't hurt too bad. I know, I know, he's forty---but I think any mother out there can understand. Gratefully, his injuries tho' painful, are not permanent. He was jogging in Carlsbad, and a car hit him from behind, throwing him up on their windshield. Sore all over, I know he knows he dodged a bullet. Why do we say that??? That's another blog. Besides---I knew exercise was bad for you. Hope you are all well and happy. geo signing off...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"bad, bad boys"

From the time each of the daughter's were pg, I always said I wanted a "bad boy". Well, seems Tucker and Jack are doing me proud. Abigail was caring for them last weekend and she took a phone call that was from one of their computer game people. Seems the boys had decided to put all their "shares" together in this computer game and have more points. (we didn't raise any dumb kids) Well, the excessive points set off an alarm at the "keeper of the points" job and they called to say the boys would be banned from that particular game for a month. Abbi was appalled at that decision, (perhaps she remembered her and Joycie make a call to 911---now that's bad) and said'"...they're only 11."

Couple of lessons here; maybe the job market isn't as bad as they want us to think. Imagine getting paid to watch points on a computer game rise above a certain level. It's probably a state job, so they do only work 4 days a week now. The other thing---I GOT MY BAD BOYS!

geo gems signing off

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

she's back...

Should of had a V8. I have been at this computer since morning. It really is a "whole new world". So many of the blogs I follow have written such deep meaning directions their life is taking...where they have been...where they are going. Me---I just get dramatic and get in trouble. I HATE THE MESS we can make on our own---just using this little keyboard. It certainly reminds me that your tongue can be a blessing (where you affirm others) or a weapon (where you beat others down). I realized that I had not posted since August---yet friends allowed me to be in their little corners of the world.

I just got back from visiting Elena's mixed media piece of the heart on a canvas. It is so good and fresh and pure. I think because it is new to her and she stops before she overworks. It is truly "a work of art" and one she will remember as saving her as she walked through some dark places. Then I saw her Christmas goodies and thought---artist/techie/princess. Yeah, they go together. I know one thing, she has wisdom beyond her years.

Now---for four months where have I been. The last day I wrote Keith and I had met friends for lunch in Lacuna Nigel. While driving home we got word on our cell phone that Keith's eldest brother Ron was in the hospital seriously ill. He progressively got worse and died. I was not able to go to Flagstaff (due to the altitude) so I had to share the pain second hand via phone from Keith. I learned about a beautiful family that we had said we'd visit more (and didn't); call more (and didn't); and email more (and we didn't). Now we can't. So I guess the lesson learned is to spend more time doing that which you said you would do---before it's too late. So------
my rather long wish for you for the new year is that you live up to the promises you made especially regarding family. The family we think well ALWAYS BE THERE we learned is not always true. Let's start there to say, may or happiest day of 09 be our saddest for 10.
WOW. It has been since August that i have posted. The small i is drama...