Thursday, February 4, 2010

sweet sixteen

Not certain where this will end up on the blog site. I am so excited I got the pic to my site. We have a "tradition "of sorts in the family and that is to go to a Mexican restaurant ("beans and rice) for our B'day celebration. Even Keith, who doesn't like Mexican food, but in his words "...loves margaritas" goes and enjoys himself. After eating we go around the table and each one tells what it is about the B'day person you like...It's easy with Abigail. I like how she is always in tune to the underdog---the one who no one seems to pay attention to. When she was little a lot of her teachers used to put her with new students as she really took them under her wing. She also is a great traveler. Having taken two train trips to Santa Barbara with her,and she didn't get impatient with me when I entered the train at the very furthest from our business class car. She lugged her duffel bag and retrieved me after she found some perfect seats. She has been traveling all her life, what with grandparents in England and often Florida. Her best skiing is done in Switzerland. She makes me laugh. She has a most wonderful sense of humor...and she helps me when I cry. I remember the first time she experienced me crying I was actually on the phone with her leaving her competition. When I heard her voice I started crying thinking what I was going to miss. She said, "'re NOT CRYING grandma." She is a soul mate and I have often said I could save her a lot of pain, but she needs to walk the road of life on her own. I love her deeper than the ocean and higher than God...

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