Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Past...

The girls, (Michelle and Tracy) brought lunch for me today. I started on, "...Dad still hasn't taken the tree down." I guess they had heard enough from me---they went to the garage, grabbed the box, dismantled it and said, "there! ".

Now did they mean, "leave dad alone?" or "why didn't you do it?" I REALLY have tried NOT to nag. Unfortunately, they didn't come under that promise. Soooo, when I wanted to complain---o.k.--nag, I called them. Any way it is down. Now it just has to make it's way up into the attic. I'm anxious to see how long that takes!!!

On another note, our granddaughter, Abbi, will be 16 on Friday. HOW CAN THAT BE??? ANYONE who knows me, knows every developmental milestone she has had. She is truly a beautiful young lady---inside and out. A great student and cheerleader and class officer and any volunteer program there is---including the young children at North Coast who she mentors. How glad I am that God decided to put me on earth the same time she is. We have bonded in such a way that I feel she probably knows me better than most. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABS and I hope I WILL dance at your wedding.

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Just call me Silly Sal said...

Hope to see you this Thursday and catch up. I too can't believe Abbi will be 16 wow!