Tuesday, January 12, 2010

she's back...

Should of had a V8. I have been at this computer since morning. It really is a "whole new world". So many of the blogs I follow have written such deep meaning directions their life is taking...where they have been...where they are going. Me---I just get dramatic and get in trouble. I HATE THE MESS we can make on our own---just using this little keyboard. It certainly reminds me that your tongue can be a blessing (where you affirm others) or a weapon (where you beat others down). I realized that I had not posted since August---yet friends allowed me to be in their little corners of the world.

I just got back from visiting Elena's mixed media piece of the heart on a canvas. It is so good and fresh and pure. I think because it is new to her and she stops before she overworks. It is truly "a work of art" and one she will remember as saving her as she walked through some dark places. Then I saw her Christmas goodies and thought---artist/techie/princess. Yeah, they go together. I know one thing, she has wisdom beyond her years.

Now---for four months where have I been. The last day I wrote Keith and I had met friends for lunch in Lacuna Nigel. While driving home we got word on our cell phone that Keith's eldest brother Ron was in the hospital seriously ill. He progressively got worse and died. I was not able to go to Flagstaff (due to the altitude) so I had to share the pain second hand via phone from Keith. I learned about a beautiful family that we had said we'd visit more (and didn't); call more (and didn't); and email more (and we didn't). Now we can't. So I guess the lesson learned is to spend more time doing that which you said you would do---before it's too late. So------
my rather long wish for you for the new year is that you live up to the promises you made especially regarding family. The family we think well ALWAYS BE THERE we learned is not always true. Let's start there to say, may or happiest day of 09 be our saddest for 10.

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Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

oh geo! you are truly a treasure to me. I just love you. Journey still going :)