Thursday, January 28, 2010


OMG. How did I become an official site for B. Boxer. I don't even like her and I can't get her off my site. Jackie HELP!!! i GOT AN EMAIL FROM HER regarding her interest in a pressing problem---fatalities on our roads. Now granted, we do have too many fatalities BUT it's not our most pressing problem in CA. So, I wrote that back to her and named "health reform" as a problem---pressing. I told her, WE WANT WHAT YOU GOT or YOU TAKE WHAT WE HAVE. Also, STAY HOME and solve some of our problems. (after I read Nancy P.and her gang (125 people) went to a peace conference in the Netherlands.) Ah, WE pay for that. How did this become a political column??? While I am on it---has anyone seen Arnold??? I don't think he lives here anymore!!!!

I saw on the news a story about "Whole foods" who are offering their employees a discount on their groceries based on: non smokers, BMI, and I think hypertension. Good idea---I think and I wonder where I would fall??? I was so angry when I worked for CIGNA and they first enforced their "no smoking" policy. I wrote them (imagine that) and asked when they were going to "dock" the obese employees. Never heard back---but did hear our company held stock in R. J.Reynolds---large cigarette company!!!

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