Thursday, August 13, 2009


Scott Peck says, "life is hard"...I say, "life is good". Tuesday I had an opportunity to meet with three great friends, Deborah, Joann, and Pat to learn a new technique of painting created by Carol O Brien. It was soooo much better sharing and doing with others. Than Pat put out a delicious chicken salad, warm bread, angel food cake with lemon sauce and blueberries...WOW. It was Deborah who was showing us how to do the painting and she is so peaceful and a GREAT teacher.

Thursday it was down to LaJolla to Sally's house to meet with yet another group of friends. Some made just today, but art clears all the hurdles and nonsense of "getting to know you". Everyone was doing their own thing, but we all couldn't help but overlap with some of what we were looking at. Everyone is into Suzi Blu and her gentle faces. It was fun to watch the different looks and approaches. I was still with the Carol O'Brien technique. Sally went to Dick Blicks and scored some great sales. I had asked her to pick up some paints for me---boy she exceeds friendship. Not only did she pick them up, but with a cheap price line with them.

Tomorrow we are headed to Mission Viejo to visit a sick friend and one not sick who is leaving with us to go to Dana Point. It should be fun. And so I repeat...great life...great friend's. Geo out of here...

Artist in three hours..

I have had alot of people ask me about my watercolor classes. I teach a class where you will use several techniques and medium. Tube paints; twinkling H2O's; pencils: crayons; dry tablet; markers; and a few surprizes and free form. You will leave the class with eight finished cards. They are stamps (mostly Dee Morgan) but Hero has some fine ones also;, using 140# watercolor paper. We will also use the H2O brushes that are so popular. Anyone who has taken this class has loved it. I will do it when you have at least 2-3 people. It certainly is fun and you leave believing you are an artist!!!. The class is at Gee Gee's in Carlsbad on State St. right in the village. Going to the store is worth the trip,but having lunch too is bonus. Gayle (the owner) has so many new and different things that you will want to plan plenty of time to browse. Their is some beautiful papers, stickers, rub ons, metal embossing tools, ribbons you name it, she probably has it. Their selection of magazines are the best in the area. I love this store and used to work there, still do even when I stop in or am teaching...I like showing people new things---and there are plenty. Name a class and we well get it for you if we can...

watercolor classes with Georgia