Thursday, August 13, 2009


Scott Peck says, "life is hard"...I say, "life is good". Tuesday I had an opportunity to meet with three great friends, Deborah, Joann, and Pat to learn a new technique of painting created by Carol O Brien. It was soooo much better sharing and doing with others. Than Pat put out a delicious chicken salad, warm bread, angel food cake with lemon sauce and blueberries...WOW. It was Deborah who was showing us how to do the painting and she is so peaceful and a GREAT teacher.

Thursday it was down to LaJolla to Sally's house to meet with yet another group of friends. Some made just today, but art clears all the hurdles and nonsense of "getting to know you". Everyone was doing their own thing, but we all couldn't help but overlap with some of what we were looking at. Everyone is into Suzi Blu and her gentle faces. It was fun to watch the different looks and approaches. I was still with the Carol O'Brien technique. Sally went to Dick Blicks and scored some great sales. I had asked her to pick up some paints for me---boy she exceeds friendship. Not only did she pick them up, but with a cheap price line with them.

Tomorrow we are headed to Mission Viejo to visit a sick friend and one not sick who is leaving with us to go to Dana Point. It should be fun. And so I repeat...great life...great friend's. Geo out of here...

Artist in three hours..

I have had alot of people ask me about my watercolor classes. I teach a class where you will use several techniques and medium. Tube paints; twinkling H2O's; pencils: crayons; dry tablet; markers; and a few surprizes and free form. You will leave the class with eight finished cards. They are stamps (mostly Dee Morgan) but Hero has some fine ones also;, using 140# watercolor paper. We will also use the H2O brushes that are so popular. Anyone who has taken this class has loved it. I will do it when you have at least 2-3 people. It certainly is fun and you leave believing you are an artist!!!. The class is at Gee Gee's in Carlsbad on State St. right in the village. Going to the store is worth the trip,but having lunch too is bonus. Gayle (the owner) has so many new and different things that you will want to plan plenty of time to browse. Their is some beautiful papers, stickers, rub ons, metal embossing tools, ribbons you name it, she probably has it. Their selection of magazines are the best in the area. I love this store and used to work there, still do even when I stop in or am teaching...I like showing people new things---and there are plenty. Name a class and we well get it for you if we can...

watercolor classes with Georgia

Thursday, July 30, 2009

JAZI CRAFT a nice place to be...

Forgot to mention the store on Oceanside Blvd., called, "JAZI CRAFT, that so often gets overlooked. Believe me---it is worth the trip. Some of you may have been involved in the "black and white" challenge and saw how well stocked the store is. For the rest it is well worth the trip to see it for yourself. The help is always friendly and willing to help you find whatever you are looking for. And did I mention---they have GREAT classes there. Check it out on line. I have a soldering and watercolor class coming and we are always willing to try and give what you need in the way of classes. I am so geographicly challenged. When you see the Catholic church, St. Margaret's (?) start watching for it on your right side. In fact, turn right at the traffic light and a sharp left and you will find it. You're in for a treat. Support our local stores.

Delights of Travel

Hi all,

I've spent the day feeling sorry for myself because the Dr. wouldn't let me go to MI with Keith. He was going for the Lichon family reunion, and his dad's 90th b'day. Well it wasn't the WHOLE DAY. When I heard his horrendous story about the cancellation of his flight from Atlanta to Flintl I secretly gave thanks that I wasn't there as I tried to listen and be compassionate to his story. He said it was worse than anything he has ever seen (and he traveled for his job). People were crying; one woman had to get out for a funeral in the am. Keith was going to give her his seat if he got called for standby. I did tell him maybe he could be of some help to her as distraught as she was. It was looking like he was going to have to get a hotel---I said it was great if he helped her FIND the hotel...but that was it!!!! People screaming...where did travel become so difficult? They first took away our right to get out of our seat, by keeping the sign lit the whole time; NO MEALS, but you can buy a "lunch" for $8.50---which is cheese and crackers, you're almost apologetic to ask for cream for your coffee. The "flight/safety attendent" tells you you will have to wait till she comes back that way. And what happened to their greeting and smile...instead they are threathening, "...we'll not get this plane off on time if you don't quickly move to your seat" As if they have EVER been on time. "whoops, forgot about all the overhead is gone---we are going to have to check this bag". DARN---another $20 for luggage.

Well, Keith called and he got on a flight and though it's late...he's happy; the crying lady got on; and all the other "stories" encased in the huge bird in the sky...that really doesn't belong in the air---bt then that's for another day.

geo signing off

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi guys,

I have a sweet husband who is always trying to make my life easier. One way is to post photos on my blog. He doesn't realize that it is a very serious problem if he gets one on there which I would have deleted before it saw the light of day. That being said---in case you haven't guessed---is the group of us standing in front of Milton''s. It was just done way too quickly. Someone asked a guy to take the know when you say, "...will you take our picture?" and it ends up being 3 cameras later before he is finished. The last thing he would want to do is say,"...hey, you in the brown, you may want to move away from the skinny girl and then stand VERY SIDEWAYS to appear less heavy." He just wants to get to his lunch. I knew the feeling as I arrived at the resturantand got that perfect corned beef that I didn't even think calories...That picture needs to be blown up---placed on the fridge---where if I had one ounce of sense or one iota of self control it would have never happened. Seems I've fallen---and I MUST GET UP!!! i.e. see diet previous blog

Saturday, July 18, 2009

no worries

Had some time with Abigail today. We spent it in my art room. I was on one side, she on the other working on different things. When she saw the flowers we had made she LOVED them. I told her to take some. She certainly does have a sense of color as she sewed some for her friends. We had a great talk----the kind you dream about when you first hold them as infants. I remember thinking she would come to me for my advice and wisdom all the time. I didn't count on schedules; friends (both hers and mine); and all the distractions of life. When you get this little slot of time you savor it like a favorite meal...taking in all you can and keeping quiet till asked for advice. I just didn't know it was going to be, "...back when you were growing up" did they have these??? Oh well, she still is the greatest to hang out with...and with the things she shared...we have no worries about the youth.

geo--- signing off

Friday, July 17, 2009

night owl

...about every week or so I pull an "all nighter". Now if I had to get up to meet a 7am flight, you would play hell getting me up. I just don't get it. Keith thinks I am worried, NOT, I figure one person worrying is plenty in a family. Now, if I could just get something done. I looked---skimmed my emails and have some bottle caps to finish for an exchange I am in. The drill would not be a happy sound at this time, tho' Keith is buzzing like the sound it makes. I'm just not talented enough to coordinate the whole thing with his snoring.

I have made mention to my daughters that I miss seeing them. After deciding we would all do better I missed the first gathering last Monday to celebrate Geoff's B'day. They went to what we call "rice and beans" and I just didn't even feel like smelling the food. I understand, via the grape vine that I have gotten a "check" for not gathering wiht them. They called today, whoops, yesterday to see if I wanted to go to "submarina". Oh no, another check! When I suggested missed seeing them I was kind of thinking of La Costa or El Camino for lunch???? I know a way to get even...I could call them NOW and asked them to go to Denny's (I hate) but even Joan Crawford wouldn't do that to her children.

Right now I know if Keith does walk in here, after he scares the heck out of me, I will after to explain---"...why aren't you sleeping, Georgia. I told you that you were worried.

Have a great weekend---stay cool. I HATE THE HEAT, but then that is no surprize to anyone.

geogems signing off

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

florals for fair maidens

I have been away from writing and I have missed it...hope you have missed it as well. Had a wonderful morning with the greatest group of friends. Deborah taught us a class on floral making for a pin or to wear in your hair or as any embellishment. Satin, tulle, chiffon and some mix of materials created some real works of art. We used a candle to manipulate the fabric into the shape we wanted. No accidents---a few burnt fingers. A side note, when first burned rub it on denim per Linda---and it worked!!! I guess she's not just another pretty face. Elena worked like a "ball of fire" and I think she actually finished five or more. Gloria's were beautiful choices of colors. It was so evident how different we all are by the color choices each of us made. Isn't it GREAT God made us all so different. The word is---someone might have a B'day coming up---Happy b'day and many more...I hope always celebrated with those who love you.

I have to finish some art for my ABC club tomorrow. We are working on affirmations this time frame using 4x6 cards. They are always so great too. I am feeling pretty blessed. Hope you're having a great day!!!! xo and out with gems from geo

Wed. afternoon and the living was easy we had a great day with Deborah teaching a rowdy group how to do flowers made from different materials.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

geo's geneology

Had a visit today from Sally. She took a class this am and was taking one tonite at PP, so we had a little time. She is one of the most generous people I know. She brougt a program for me, but I was working on a picture that had the name Filman. She asked who it was. I said I thought it was my great grandfather. She said, don't you WANT TO KNOW??? She took quite a bit of time to try and journey through my geneology on the computer. It's very complicated (my life) and becomes very interesting each time I talk to my mom or now when I write about it. She was able to find it was a gr. granddad, and promised at another time SHE CAN DO EVEN MORE. Being a "gemini" and a little ADDH I had moved on. She is such a detective she will pursue it...Hope she finds all those rich aunts and uncles I drean about.

Can't believe it is soon the 4th of July. HOW???? Hoping all of you take some time to give thanks for our freedom and enjoy your family. Most of all, be safe.

geogems signing off

p.s. still doing the pool thing, but it's rough

Sunday, June 28, 2009


p.s. Thanks Elena, You are the one...

DIE it

it's time. No more excuses and disgust when I look at photos. My shoulder-foot is better. My back is as good as it gets so...I had lunch (still can't eat breakfast) and went into the pool for almost an hr. I haven't had much time to do the weights for my shoulder so I was moving and rolling it as I "ran" thru the rest of the exercises. It was perfect!!! The water temp, the air, the resolve that I will be out here every day. Isn't it funny how after you have done ONE exercise you feel "lighter"??? Gotta's Sunday so the diet rules don't count. I have some dark chocolate grahams calling my name. Hope it was a good weekend for everyone...geogems signing off xo

Saturday, June 27, 2009


How fast the weekend rolls around. It is nearly the 4th of July and I need to remind myself to take a vacation or something. It's just because it is sooo beautiful here, where we live it's hard to keep track of the days. My sister, back in Michigan, always says, " do you guys know when you are on vacation living here?" It is tough.

Tracy and I went to see "My Sister's Keeper". It's a winner, but cetainly a chick flick, unless you are dating and he is still trying to please. Bring tissues.

I'm sad with the death of Michael Jackson. I recall when he was very little, as was Donny Osmond and I LOVED LITTLE MICHAEL without any doubt. Some of his songs can still bring a tear. He did get so wierd in his later years, however, we weren't there. So I prefer to keep the little guy in my mind, singing, "Ben". His mark is certainly left on the world of music and I liked what Quincey Jones said in part; "today I lost my little brother and a piece of my soul".

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...great for the beach or the pool or better yet a good book.

geogems signing off

trailer for sale or rent.

Lucky seven artists gathered and had a play date making houses at Linda Kelly's home. Painting; embellishing; than encaustic wax. I found the blue disposable towels (men use for shop work) is really great to bring the wax to a beautiful shine. I have still added to mine since I have gotten home, but what a GREAT CLASS COMING UP AT STAMPING DETAILS, Aug. 22. Denise Kelly, who I met that day, is also teaching with her. I highly suggest you sign up for this one---

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Popular...I want to be popular...

Went to the fair today, and it wasn't two minutes and I was in trouble. Coming through the "search with a pole" (what's that about??) I set the alarm off. I then had to be "wand" checked. We enter the gate and some weird tall, plastic robot was greeting people and we tried to get by...well, at least I did and the policeman with him let me one is allowed behind him. I'm not sure why....I guess he might fall on someone and hurt them???? We, when I say we, I mean, Abigail, Jack, and Evan. We were headed to a stage to see Tucker dance hip hop. We went through a commerciall barn, where the people come out to grab you as you walk by and so a woman did, asking me if I wanted a new kitchen. I answeered, Yeah, right, or not in this life time oh I know, I said, "I wish". Abigail said as kindly as a 15 year old can, gramma, please don't snark at people. I thought---you want to see snark. First of all it has words you aren't allowed to say etc.etc. She further advised me, "just don't make eye contact". I talk to EVERYONE---get over it. But in my heart I was thinking---I'm losing my cool with her. She now leads me and tells me where to be and stay right here I will be back to get you. Oh, I hate transitions. As soon as we arrived at the stage she ditched us, and I looked around and it was poppa (Mr. no patience man); Evan, (mister I will challenge whatever you say); and gentle soul Jack (Mr wait what???). We found a seat, watched Tuck do a tremendous job. I had my sketch book and wrote 10 and held it up...I'm sure if Abbi saw it I will hear about it.

Off we go---and we are STUCK WITH THE BOYS. You know the boys who have to be tagging and punching and running and first and leaning on walls not meant to hold their weight and begging for ride tickets which are $100 dollars a kid. Boy, I sure didn't see any sign of recession. We go on a few kiddie rides---well, they go and then it is time to get lunch. Another $100 for hotdogs on a stick and 3 lemonaides. Keith and I waited till later. Then time to go to another stage on the other side of the fairgrounds. We could have taken the sky thing, but that would have been 20 we walked while they ran---into people, strollers, old ladies and we don't know them. Quick stop for a freezee, another 50 tickets, and we are ready to watch Katie dance. It's longer, cuz she's in more numbers. We bribed them with we're telling your parents you weren't good if you don't sit still. As soon as we saw their parents, we hugged, said hello and no---they were no trouble at was fun. Grandparents lie sometimes too.

Keith and I find some half way decent food bar b q something and soda and sat and sat and people watched. I went on a adventure to find the place to wax my hand---never did find it---and we got a call to get to the "slingshot". It is just as it sounds, except it is so high up in the air and so tight and taut if it ever snapped you would be in Utah. (if that's the way it faced) Abbi and the administrater from the dance studio were on this idiot ride. They had a mike on---I guess just to have the people watching hear them scream and shout bad words. (not them of course) We were than out of there quicker than (in my british son in law's term)Bob's your uncle. We still somehow had kids, but at least it was only two. They got to my house and swam and showered and had dinner, and when there folks picked them up they were saying, " we have to go already"

I'm DEAD---I put sunscreen on them but not me I guess for my neckline and arms are burnt. Shower and bed. Abbi has an art project were doing tomorrow, before they leave for Hawaii...gems from geo over and out

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy B'day Keith

Today is Keith's birthday. I am nine days older than he...and he LOVES TEASING ME ABOUT BEING THE OLDER WOMAN. I actually am watching our youngest grandson, Evan, but I talked him into it---which means one of our daughter's watched him. The girl's couldn't believe I left him alone on his B'day!!! They actually brought him lunch and they had a great visit. I told him he should thank me...they would have never had that time together. signing off till tomorrow...geo---which is fair day for us as the grandkids perform. It will be stinking HOT

a blog, a blog, at last I have a blog

A few days ago I was with Jackie Baxted and mentioned that I had a blog---but it was so sad I wasn't even sure how to get on it and it was a year old. She said immediately, "...I would love to work on it for you." I gave her the Elaine shove (Sienfield) and said, "...get out!!!" She said she wasn't kidding, she loved to "fool" with the computer and create things. That day I had a full blown decorative page with a banner on top to die for. ( Enough that Sally decided to change her blog after seeing it.) She made 4 or 5 changes and has to be the most patient person in the world. I wanted her to do a picture of me---abstract, as I now have several chins. She said, no one would recognize me. I said that was ok and she complied and put yet another banner and side bars. IT IS SOOO COOL. I have no idea how I will ever be able to repay her. (this is the gal who is giving away every month her art stuff and other things. She is soooo generous and giving and even puts up with changes I suggest when I have no clue...I wish her fairy godmother would whisper in my ear something that would bring a smile (well, she's always smiling) at least some measure of my gratitude. All you "followers"---whoops, Jackie is my only one---can you help??? What does she like??? PLEASE HELP ME OUT...THANKS IN ADVANCE. Check it out---she outdid herself and I LOVE IT.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


come on sad...I just noticed---I HAVE NO FOLLOWERS. I think that means no one is interestd---I am just learning. Gotta run, someone's texting me...

Saturday and the living is easy...

...just sat thru a three hour "all star" game for Tucker. It was "misting" which was hard enough for a small umbrella shared by three, stretching and hoping your blanket didn't fall off as it was freezing outside. We laugh, as we are from the mid west, but our blood has certainly thinned. We had to rush home before the game finished cuz---guess what---we had our windows scheduled to be washed. Leave it to us, but they do look great.

Speaking of great---I am in awe of the work dear, dear friend Jackie is doing on my blog. I have so few visitors, I think they stopped by last year and figured it was a work not finished.

I had a great time at "Paper Source" the other night. I finked out of eating, as I am getting old and wanted to get home. Seriously, since my cataract surgery, I have not had to wear glasses except to read. I wasn't certain what I was going to do with night blindness. I was fine...

I was looking on Sally's blog about all the classes she was taking and I need to ask her---what class are we taking on the computer??? No more of those for is too easy NOT TO GO TO CLASS.

Nothing more here except to say I want to get out of Jackie's way so she can continue her work of art...gems from geo signing off

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gems from geo

I just want to keep writing in my blog cuz I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

My health...I feel as tho' I have just walked out of a deep tunnel (or a cave with a rock pushed back and woman shouting something about risen). Yes, God has a sense of humor---she created me. Anyway, I finished 5 weeks, 3x a week physical therapy for my torn rotater cuff. It is sooooo much better. And remember the foot that I said was was...and has healed but maybe not fused. Oh well, for those who know me well know I am done with anesthesia. Ahhh, 6 months since my cataract surgery and I had my check up today. I have 20/25 vision and do not need glasses except to read sometimes, depending on th font and size. Yipee. I celebrate with all of you who were so faithful in prayer and patience. Glad to be part of the human race. geo signing off with the gems for today

Deepest Gratitude

Dear, Dear Jackie,

You have just made me one happy woman. My computer died today so Keith, (being the good guy that he is) got me a different one. The other went to hell, literally, as it was slow and tempermental. I now await my new one, however, Sally just called and said, " have to look at your blog..." and so I have.

It is the MOST BEAUTIFUL I HAVE SEEN, AND YES THAT DOES INCLUDE EVERYONE'S I'VE SEEN. It is uncanny that you would have it in blues, and the top banner is unbelievable. Then---the pics already on there of a most wonderful day for me with great friends---with a border to die for.

Thank you so much and YOU WILL HAVE FIRST PICK IN MY ART ROOM WHEN I DIE!!! xo geo

My Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are always better with family and friends........I had a great day yesterday.... a little creativity and lunch with friends. More pics to come of my birthday presents...lovely and fun.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

geo ramblings

Just finished reading silly sally's blog. She may be silly but she has a lot on the ball with this blog stuff. Even a slide show...I better get going or I'm going to miss the bus...

Recital weekend is over. We had the boys for awhile but they are NO problem. We went in the pool while the girls did a fantastic time dancing. Their fathers dance as well and aslo Tucker (hip hop) Oh, so does my pulmonologist, Dr. Yamanaka. He is so good they call him the "technician". I don't like that it is on memorial weekend. The girls are always so exhausted.

PT is helping my shoulder. I am going to extend the time by a couple of wks. The problem is when I start to feel better I start to overdo.

I am in an exchange for paper dolls. Theme is fairies and I can't wait to exchange them. I will post them after the exchange next week.

My gardener has a crush on me I am certain...he is always trying to hug me. I went out today to ask him to remove a dead palm and he said, "'s a little late but happy mother's day." I was taken aback and said, "happy mother's day to you...I mean your wife---if she is a mom---"...all rattled. And no---he does not look like the gardner in "desperate housewifes".

Well I'm rattling so this is geo gems sgning off...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

YMCA artist style

Whoops forgot to show you one of the photos from Sally's art day. We laughed and laughed and laughed still some more. We even got some work done.

smile at someone---let them wonder what you've been up to...geogems signing off

Nonsense to keep posting...trying

Hi all,

it's late...I'm cranky...still in PT. Travelling around my own blog, I ran into a very nice one in a different language, but set up so well. I could take lessons. I don't have much interesting to say except thanks to those true blue friends who comment to encourage me not to give up on this. I journal...but not comfortable doing it here. Not that I have secrets...only in the imagination now.

Actually got my class schedule out to "Gee Gee's"---check it out. I am trying to offer really reasonable classes to help people get out and not cost an arm and a leg. I will be teaching the "woman's story" at Jazzi Crafts as soon as I can meet with Michelle. We really do need to support these smaller stores while the economy is so bad---well all the time really. More and more are having to close. They can only stay open if we give them our business.

I miss seeing the grandkids. Probably tomorrow in Church. We usually go out to lunch, but it is getting tough with everyone's schedule.

Didn't make Jackie's art play or Sally's this past week. I feel like the wicked witch in the wizard of oz as she is melting down since I haven't had an art "hit". New week coming... kiss your husband and grandbabies...and strangers----geogems signing off

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Silly Sally knows how to host a workshop with the very gifted artist, Lisa Bebi. Gosh, I hope I spelled that right. We did lots of work in little time and she was so great with all of her things she brought, and of course most of the friends are more than happy to share. Hmmm, I bet you're wondering who is the friend who doesn't share...

Sally's home is so beautiful with a view from nearly every window. I love going there and especially love her husband's chair. I have slept in it a few times very well. At lunch time (Sally, who "didn't fuss) set out a killer lunch. Especially since she is on a diet...home made chicken, glazed walnuts, greens mixed and tons of other things---including brownies with whipped cream! WE HAD THE BEST OF TIMES...I'm not going further as I have no idea where this will end up. Geogems signing off