Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deepest Gratitude

Dear, Dear Jackie,

You have just made me one happy woman. My computer died today so Keith, (being the good guy that he is) got me a different one. The other went to hell, literally, as it was slow and tempermental. I now await my new one, however, Sally just called and said, "...you have to look at your blog..." and so I have.

It is the MOST BEAUTIFUL I HAVE SEEN, AND YES THAT DOES INCLUDE EVERYONE'S I'VE SEEN. It is uncanny that you would have it in blues, and the top banner is unbelievable. Then---the pics already on there of a most wonderful day for me with great friends---with a border to die for.

Thank you so much and YOU WILL HAVE FIRST PICK IN MY ART ROOM WHEN I DIE!!! xo geo

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