Monday, June 22, 2009

a blog, a blog, at last I have a blog

A few days ago I was with Jackie Baxted and mentioned that I had a blog---but it was so sad I wasn't even sure how to get on it and it was a year old. She said immediately, "...I would love to work on it for you." I gave her the Elaine shove (Sienfield) and said, "...get out!!!" She said she wasn't kidding, she loved to "fool" with the computer and create things. That day I had a full blown decorative page with a banner on top to die for. ( Enough that Sally decided to change her blog after seeing it.) She made 4 or 5 changes and has to be the most patient person in the world. I wanted her to do a picture of me---abstract, as I now have several chins. She said, no one would recognize me. I said that was ok and she complied and put yet another banner and side bars. IT IS SOOO COOL. I have no idea how I will ever be able to repay her. (this is the gal who is giving away every month her art stuff and other things. She is soooo generous and giving and even puts up with changes I suggest when I have no clue...I wish her fairy godmother would whisper in my ear something that would bring a smile (well, she's always smiling) at least some measure of my gratitude. All you "followers"---whoops, Jackie is my only one---can you help??? What does she like??? PLEASE HELP ME OUT...THANKS IN ADVANCE. Check it out---she outdid herself and I LOVE IT.

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