Saturday, June 27, 2009


How fast the weekend rolls around. It is nearly the 4th of July and I need to remind myself to take a vacation or something. It's just because it is sooo beautiful here, where we live it's hard to keep track of the days. My sister, back in Michigan, always says, " do you guys know when you are on vacation living here?" It is tough.

Tracy and I went to see "My Sister's Keeper". It's a winner, but cetainly a chick flick, unless you are dating and he is still trying to please. Bring tissues.

I'm sad with the death of Michael Jackson. I recall when he was very little, as was Donny Osmond and I LOVED LITTLE MICHAEL without any doubt. Some of his songs can still bring a tear. He did get so wierd in his later years, however, we weren't there. So I prefer to keep the little guy in my mind, singing, "Ben". His mark is certainly left on the world of music and I liked what Quincey Jones said in part; "today I lost my little brother and a piece of my soul".

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...great for the beach or the pool or better yet a good book.

geogems signing off

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Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

glad you are posting Georgia! Love the way Jackie spruced up your blog! I will miss Michael too. such a loss. strange how we feel it.