Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday and the living is easy...

...just sat thru a three hour "all star" game for Tucker. It was "misting" which was hard enough for a small umbrella shared by three, stretching and hoping your blanket didn't fall off as it was freezing outside. We laugh, as we are from the mid west, but our blood has certainly thinned. We had to rush home before the game finished cuz---guess what---we had our windows scheduled to be washed. Leave it to us, but they do look great.

Speaking of great---I am in awe of the work dear, dear friend Jackie is doing on my blog. I have so few visitors, I think they stopped by last year and figured it was a work not finished.

I had a great time at "Paper Source" the other night. I finked out of eating, as I am getting old and wanted to get home. Seriously, since my cataract surgery, I have not had to wear glasses except to read. I wasn't certain what I was going to do with night blindness. I was fine...

I was looking on Sally's blog about all the classes she was taking and I need to ask her---what class are we taking on the computer??? No more of those for is too easy NOT TO GO TO CLASS.

Nothing more here except to say I want to get out of Jackie's way so she can continue her work of art...gems from geo signing off

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