Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gems from geo

I just want to keep writing in my blog cuz I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

My health...I feel as tho' I have just walked out of a deep tunnel (or a cave with a rock pushed back and woman shouting something about risen). Yes, God has a sense of humor---she created me. Anyway, I finished 5 weeks, 3x a week physical therapy for my torn rotater cuff. It is sooooo much better. And remember the foot that I said was broken...it was...and has healed but maybe not fused. Oh well, for those who know me well know I am done with anesthesia. Ahhh, 6 months since my cataract surgery and I had my check up today. I have 20/25 vision and do not need glasses except to read sometimes, depending on th font and size. Yipee. I celebrate with all of you who were so faithful in prayer and patience. Glad to be part of the human race. geo signing off with the gems for today

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