Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Popular...I want to be popular...

Went to the fair today, and it wasn't two minutes and I was in trouble. Coming through the "search with a pole" (what's that about??) I set the alarm off. I then had to be "wand" checked. We enter the gate and some weird tall, plastic robot was greeting people and we tried to get by...well, at least I did and the policeman with him let me know...no one is allowed behind him. I'm not sure why....I guess he might fall on someone and hurt them???? We, when I say we, I mean, Abigail, Jack, and Evan. We were headed to a stage to see Tucker dance hip hop. We went through a commerciall barn, where the people come out to grab you as you walk by and so a woman did, asking me if I wanted a new kitchen. I answeered, Yeah, right, or not in this life time oh I know, I said, "I wish". Abigail said as kindly as a 15 year old can, gramma, please don't snark at people. I thought---you want to see snark. First of all it has words you aren't allowed to say etc.etc. She further advised me, "just don't make eye contact". I talk to EVERYONE---get over it. But in my heart I was thinking---I'm losing my cool with her. She now leads me and tells me where to be and stay right here I will be back to get you. Oh, I hate transitions. As soon as we arrived at the stage she ditched us, and I looked around and it was poppa (Mr. no patience man); Evan, (mister I will challenge whatever you say); and gentle soul Jack (Mr wait what???). We found a seat, watched Tuck do a tremendous job. I had my sketch book and wrote 10 and held it up...I'm sure if Abbi saw it I will hear about it.

Off we go---and we are STUCK WITH THE BOYS. You know the boys who have to be tagging and punching and running and first and leaning on walls not meant to hold their weight and begging for ride tickets which are $100 dollars a kid. Boy, I sure didn't see any sign of recession. We go on a few kiddie rides---well, they go and then it is time to get lunch. Another $100 for hotdogs on a stick and 3 lemonaides. Keith and I waited till later. Then time to go to another stage on the other side of the fairgrounds. We could have taken the sky thing, but that would have been 20 tickets...so we walked while they ran---into people, strollers, old ladies and we don't know them. Quick stop for a freezee, another 50 tickets, and we are ready to watch Katie dance. It's longer, cuz she's in more numbers. We bribed them with we're telling your parents you weren't good if you don't sit still. As soon as we saw their parents, we hugged, said hello and no---they were no trouble at all..it was fun. Grandparents lie sometimes too.

Keith and I find some half way decent food bar b q something and soda and sat and sat and people watched. I went on a adventure to find the place to wax my hand---never did find it---and we got a call to get to the "slingshot". It is just as it sounds, except it is so high up in the air and so tight and taut if it ever snapped you would be in Utah. (if that's the way it faced) Abbi and the administrater from the dance studio were on this idiot ride. They had a mike on---I guess just to have the people watching hear them scream and shout bad words. (not them of course) We were than out of there quicker than (in my british son in law's term)Bob's your uncle. We still somehow had kids, but at least it was only two. They got to my house and swam and showered and had dinner, and when there folks picked them up they were saying, "oh...do we have to go already"

I'm DEAD---I put sunscreen on them but not me I guess for my neckline and arms are burnt. Shower and bed. Abbi has an art project were doing tomorrow, before they leave for Hawaii...gems from geo over and out

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