Thursday, July 30, 2009

Delights of Travel

Hi all,

I've spent the day feeling sorry for myself because the Dr. wouldn't let me go to MI with Keith. He was going for the Lichon family reunion, and his dad's 90th b'day. Well it wasn't the WHOLE DAY. When I heard his horrendous story about the cancellation of his flight from Atlanta to Flintl I secretly gave thanks that I wasn't there as I tried to listen and be compassionate to his story. He said it was worse than anything he has ever seen (and he traveled for his job). People were crying; one woman had to get out for a funeral in the am. Keith was going to give her his seat if he got called for standby. I did tell him maybe he could be of some help to her as distraught as she was. It was looking like he was going to have to get a hotel---I said it was great if he helped her FIND the hotel...but that was it!!!! People screaming...where did travel become so difficult? They first took away our right to get out of our seat, by keeping the sign lit the whole time; NO MEALS, but you can buy a "lunch" for $8.50---which is cheese and crackers, you're almost apologetic to ask for cream for your coffee. The "flight/safety attendent" tells you you will have to wait till she comes back that way. And what happened to their greeting and smile...instead they are threathening, "...we'll not get this plane off on time if you don't quickly move to your seat" As if they have EVER been on time. "whoops, forgot about all the overhead is gone---we are going to have to check this bag". DARN---another $20 for luggage.

Well, Keith called and he got on a flight and though it's late...he's happy; the crying lady got on; and all the other "stories" encased in the huge bird in the sky...that really doesn't belong in the air---bt then that's for another day.

geo signing off

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