Saturday, July 18, 2009

no worries

Had some time with Abigail today. We spent it in my art room. I was on one side, she on the other working on different things. When she saw the flowers we had made she LOVED them. I told her to take some. She certainly does have a sense of color as she sewed some for her friends. We had a great talk----the kind you dream about when you first hold them as infants. I remember thinking she would come to me for my advice and wisdom all the time. I didn't count on schedules; friends (both hers and mine); and all the distractions of life. When you get this little slot of time you savor it like a favorite meal...taking in all you can and keeping quiet till asked for advice. I just didn't know it was going to be, "...back when you were growing up" did they have these??? Oh well, she still is the greatest to hang out with...and with the things she shared...we have no worries about the youth.

geo--- signing off

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