Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Silly Sally knows how to host a workshop with the very gifted artist, Lisa Bebi. Gosh, I hope I spelled that right. We did lots of work in little time and she was so great with all of her things she brought, and of course most of the friends are more than happy to share. Hmmm, I bet you're wondering who is the friend who doesn't share...

Sally's home is so beautiful with a view from nearly every window. I love going there and especially love her husband's chair. I have slept in it a few times very well. At lunch time (Sally, who "didn't fuss) set out a killer lunch. Especially since she is on a diet...home made chicken, glazed walnuts, greens mixed and tons of other things---including brownies with whipped cream! WE HAD THE BEST OF TIMES...I'm not going further as I have no idea where this will end up. Geogems signing off

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Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

keep posting!!! love you!