Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy belated Valentine day!!! As I write this there are two boxes of chocolates, one chocolate covered strawberry, and cut out cookies (well, those are Keith's from his "first valentine's, Shelly and Tracy) just begging me to blow the diet. I am looking at things thinking what I have to do to "burn off" the damage. What a temptation. Hope you had a great day. The weather here was so beautiful you ALMOST felt guilty as the people out east were still digging out themselves. Hey---it's the reason we live here.

What have I been doing creatively? Zen-tangles...I will try and get a picture posted...they are the most relaxing exercise you could do. You need paper, pencil, ruler (if you're a perfectionist), and a micron pen. After dividing a square into 4 parts, anyway you chose, you begin to doodle. Yes, I said doodle. The results are pretty and amazing. Plus, it is supposed to be a great stress buster. I am here to tell you it works. I have never been one to sit and watch TV. This is perfect for doing something to make you feel that it is not a total waste of time. I must admit, it does reek of Sr. Cunagunda telling us, " will get this penmanship right". In fact, recall some of those patterns and you have it---ZENTANGLES. Till later---xo Geo

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