Saturday, February 27, 2010

Urge to Purge---not normal

I'm sitting here listening to the thunder and it sounds an awful lot like MI. I LOVE rainy days. I don't love "teaser" days. It's pouring one moment and a rainbow the next with full sunshine. It's almost like my moods lately. I have been purging---something that does NOT come natural to me. Every thing I touch has some sort of a story. Who I got it from, when, (gosh, that MANY years ago?) and---do I really need it. Probably no on every ting I touch but I torture myself and rip out pages of magazines that I will probably never get to till the next purge; as I find spots to put things it seems my little art room is getting "spread out". Do you ever feel that one job begets another? Some days this past week it seems I was spinning my wheels. Something must be getting accomplished as I certainly have made several trips to the garage in anticipation of a truck coming to load the many boxes and bags. I look around and it doesn't seem like I have made a dent in anything. I am NOT quitting...Michelle would be so proud of me. Tracy will just want to go through the things I am throwing out. She's a "chip off the ole block". (what does that mean?) My mom tells the story of when I was little she could not let me out on trash day because I was always dragging some one's junk home saying, "...look what they're throwing out...It's still good." I know that must be true because I still get a skipped beat when I pass a cool piece of "something that is still good "at the curb. Stay warm and, love, love it...geo

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