Friday, February 5, 2010


I am having some medical tests to see if I can come off my oxygen. I had to wait till a package arrived in the mail. Upon opening there was a cylinder, a monitor, and a finger tool. After some instruction from a person in S. Carolina I was soon recording my heart rate and O2 saturation. I'll need to wear it all night and report on the phone as well as have her retrieve the info on the monitor. It is so slick the times we live testing without leaving the house. Hopefully I will get a good read and be able to discontinue. As I was hanging up I noticed Keith was laughing. I asked why and he said, " are so relational. I wouldn't ask or know anything other than the test." He's right. After a BRIEF phone call Wed. I knew her name-Shannon-knew she had three kids who had been off so many days because of storms. Though it was only raining today they still called school off. Her husband worked from home and so she took the early shift so he could be with the kids I have a picture of her in my head. She is a petite little brunette who loves her job or at least loves the "break' from her kids. She is very kind and a pleasure to work with...Back to my test---will it still register if I take the unit off during my sleep? (When I first wore the oxygen at night I awoke the first morning and found that I had ripped it off in my sleep.) Wish me luck...I am getting a sore neck from Keith tripping over my LONG plastic tubing.

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