Friday, February 5, 2010

elephants ? painting???

John (our son in law) just returned from a trip to Thailand. He couldn't wait to show me a site on the computer of elephants painting. There is a group (or is it tribe?) of 5 that are ridiculous. I can't even explain it, so I will direct you to the video he sent me to: Thailand elephant paintings on your search engine and click on the site. I think there is a lesson in this. I paint watercolors as well as mixed media things, and do a whole lot of thinking and planning. I wonder if it's necessary?? These were pretty awesome and at the end of the session they raffle them off for more money than I will ever make on a painting. The guy who trains them said that the African elephants could never be trained to do painting---they're too stupid. Never say never...I gotta run---I've got a paint brush in my mouth.

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