Monday, February 8, 2010

temporary is a long time

BUMMER. I think I confessed (like it was wrong) that I was on oxygen temporarily. My new friend, Shannon, (from N. Carolina) ran me through the results of my overnight test. (see previous notes) Seems I dropped to 81 in my sleep and stayed in the 80's for over an hour. That wasn't good. I pack up the unit that betrayed me for UPS pickup, and resigned myself that "temporary" is a little longer. I really am trying to look on the bright side of things. I think of all those people out there who have it so much worse and I thank God that I can be mobile. That doesn't mean I lost my vanity or that I can point on a map where my new friend lives.

Hey, how about those Saints??? and how about Betty White. How old IS SHE???

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jackieb said...

Sorry to hear about your test and continuing to wear that darn hose but hey, you are right, you have it better than alot of people so just don't worry about it.

It's a new fashion accessory :}