Tuesday, March 2, 2010


March 1st. What's the saying---comes in like a" lamb out like a lion." Or vice versa. Anyway, the day came so beautiful but I am hearing that the wkend---once again will bring rain. I am able to enjoy all of what nature spits out (ah, I love that word) but for many people, that is there only days off. (hey, I was there) Also, I think of the beautiful bride's, standing, looking out the window at rain. But than this is not the weather channel---that's left to Keith and his family---"how's the weather there?".

Still at the purging. I think when I finally get through once, I will have to go back and organize. What??? You think??? I think I will do "Zentangles" instead.

The new schedule is out at www.geegeestampsnstuff.com and I will be doing a watercolor class this Thurs. Check it out and there is still time to sign up. I also will be teaching a solder class on the 26th of March as well as April 23 and 24. Everything for both classes is provided. Gayle's website has been remodeled and looks GREAT!!!

Sadly, Jazzi Crafts will be closing I believe the end of April. They are going to be missed. I guess a reminder to support your local stores. They are the ones who stay late for you; special order; classes on site; and instructor on all things.

Whoops---something fell. Gotta run

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jackieb said...

Sad to hear about Jazzi Craft. I was intending to go to Irvine Flea Market Sunday but guess the rain is going to stop me AGAIN! darn it.

Sounds like you are getting busy with classes...great.

talk soon, jackie