Monday, March 22, 2010


It was a cold and blustery day...isn't that the way Snoopy, lying on his doghouse would start his infamous novel? Actually it was a cold and blustery day---46 years ago when the Lichon couple became a "family". Our first born Michelle was welcomed into our world on March 21st, 1964, and we were different. No more selfishness as to who wins the argument...we had better things to do. Taking very seriously our new role as parents we set our steps forward as perfect parents raising that perfect child. I had been in nurse's training and had finished a pretty extensive course in the new born nursery. That extensive training left when it came to "my" newborn. I do remember the moment as tho' it was yesterday. Michelle learned with us and by the time (rather short time in her mind...hey, we were Catholic) her sister arrived we had relaxed some and didn't get up to see if she was breathing.

Flash forward to March 21, 2010. The Lichon family has grown. Wonderful son-in-laws; even more wonderful grand kids, gathered together at Michelle's favorite restaurant, "Rice n Beans". ( I don't even know the correct name of the restaurant, the kids started calling it that and it has stuck.)

We move around the table telling "...what is it you like about Michelle?" It was a gift to us hearing her kids tell about "Mommy". I know that is what it meant in our wedding ceremony---"...may you live to see your children's children"---and so we have. Happy Birthday first born---
thanks for being such a great teacher! We love

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