Saturday, March 6, 2010


Help...I really don't know how. I feel as tho' I have awakened from a long nap and everything on my computer has changed or has been updated. I just went through a long process of being able to sort my pictures better so that I may share them quicker. Well, I'm afraid I have failed miserable. Somewhere there is a whole bunch of photos that never got shared.

I feel I am reasonably intelligent. Yes, it's true the grand kids would NEVER come to me with a math problem, but hey, they line up for a creative writing piece. I went through several explanations and agreed that this was "easy to understand" so then---where did it go??? I watched a rather long download that somehow got so slow I opted out of it. Hey, patience had nothing to do with it. Since I've been doing Zen tangles I am so calm...

Anyway, keep watching. I will get some photos on here if it kills me. (why DO we say that one?)

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jackieb said...

I know you can do it Georgia.....let's see some pictures.