Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elvis and altered books

Our altered art group has decided to do books again. Each of us, (seven) have chosen a book and a theme and passed it to the first person. The book I received had "temptation" as it's theme. My mind went immediately to my Catholic education (elementary, high school and nursing school) where the nuns very strongly helped us to avoid all temptations. Be it clothes, movies, music, talk etc. Sr. Cunnugunda (yes, that IS her name) decided that Elvis was straight from the devil and put a call out to the entire eighth grade class, minus Janie and myself. She advised all of them NOT to go to the local theater to see Elvis that weekend or they would go straight to a HOT, BIG THEATER called hell. Of course Jane and myself went to see "Love Me Tender" where we learned about the phone call. We were aghast (what DOES that mean) that we had NOT gotten a phone call and decided if we were ALL there...what could she possibly do to us??? Well, somewhere between the phone call and "Stand---those who went to see Elvis..." our classmates lost their nerve. Of course Jane and I stood proud---just the two of us. Well we found out quickly what she could do to us---she told us to go put our boots on and clean the girls bathroom that the toilets had overflowed.
You know as nasty as that sounds I LOVED MY EIGHTH GRADE CLASS. I am still friends with Janie, and I have great stories to tell my unbelieving grand kids---and best of all---great material for "altered books". Can't wait for the next exchange tomorrow.

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Keeping up with the Freitas' said...

That is a great story and I love Sr.'s name!!