Saturday, May 22, 2010

Past and future

Time for the closing activities for school. Band concerts; choral groups; sports banquets; cheer and pom try-outs and banquets; Lancer dancers and Excalibur tryouts---well you get the picture. I was wanting to do something for Abigail and Kate to celebrate. Abs tried out and made Varsity cheer at Vista High School; Kate made Lancer Dancer at Carlsbad High School. As you can see I decided to make photo holders with their school colors. It wasn't till I wrote thier year of graduation down that I realized Abigail is in the race for graduation (junior) and Kate right behind her (sophomore). In a cliche---where has the time gone???? I know exactly what I was doing as I awaited the BIRTH of each of the girls. The joy was shared (I think) by my co workers at CIGNA peds in Chandler, AZ. So much has changed since then. I now live in Oceanside (NEVER liked the heat) and I am able to attend all these activities, without taking a SW flight. I can help when they need to "borrow" something for their plays; I can go to the boys (they weren't even a thought then) soccer games. But wait, I'm getting off track. As I look at both girls, of course they reflect their beautiful moms, but they also have developed into their own selves. Each of them have a poise beyond their age and a look so fresh and young...They have come a long way from family "shows" in the dining room, but every once in awhile I see them wanting to return where life was simpler. They accomplish this by watching "Pocahontas" together, holding hands and YES, Abbi still cries when Captain Smith leaves. Ahhh, the good old days. 2012 and 2013 USED TO sound futuristic. Not any more!!!

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DP said...

Hi, I discovered GeoGems and had to comment. You are a very talented and compassionate person. I am very proud to have known you. I always wondered how you were and what happened to you. You should be very proud of yourself. God Bless.