Monday, September 20, 2010

Life goes on...

Everything has happened and nothing has happened. I haven't been on my blog since I wrote about my mom. It is always amazing to me that everyday things occur, even when you are hurting. I realize that sounds naive, it just is----amazing.

As a Christian, I believe that this life is temporary. To put into "Baltimore Catechism" terms,"...we are on this earth to know, love and serve God and to be forever with Him in Heaven." Well, you get the meaning. Because of the "sin" of Adam and Eve", (that's a whole different story), we have sin and suffering. I guess that's why,( coming into this world, "birth canal", come on), and going out is so painful. Remove all sentiments and feelings, death is a good thing. Actually a very good thing since our "after life" is so long, eternity? In Sr. Cunnagunda's words,"...if you take ONE grain of sand" and something, something (hey, I wasn't listening) This is getting way too philosophical anyway. Life does go on.

September 11 anniversary came and went. The terror was remembered, but not in the way we experienced it on that dreadful day. The "little boys" had soccer and football games---lost one and won one, and life went on. The teen girls had games, homework, dance, and life went on. I had a class to teach, art play, and meals to fix and life went on. Keith had work with John, growth group meetings, attendance at above activities, and life went on.

My mom is still dying, my dad is still trying to help mom, and Mary Ellen goes there daily to help in all ways she can. We talk, every day and until I get the inevitable phone call to come, life goes on.

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