Wednesday, November 10, 2010

take life slowly---one step at a time

"THE JOURNEY" has to pause a bit and do this thing called life. I will be back with mom's trip to her next life.

I remember as a nurse occasionally working with my mom at Dr. Nelson's office. (my mom was a nurse also). We would drive to her house for our lunch break and she would do more in that one hour, than I did most days. She would have her laundry to "hang out" and a quick look at her "soap"; dinner started; and time to go back and work another six hours. I always marveled at how fast she did things. Myself on the other hand loved the challenge of waiting till the last minute to finish a project. Kid's communion dresses were still being hemmed on the day; paperswhile in school took all day of the day they were due etc.; I think you get the picture.

I have engaged on an art project that is from a magazine called, "...image to the soul". It is probably an art piece I would not have been too keen on making, but some friends and myself have been meeting and stretching ourselves on projects to try. This one is dedicated to my mom and I have really gotten into it...almost a must do project---but with enjoyment.

I was putting several goats of paint onto a canvas---trying to hurry as I have the kids coming tonight for dinner and a movie night---and I was wanting to quickly wipe the new paint off. I hurried from the outside---distracted---and the next thing I knew I was on the floor---following a rather large crash. ( Why is it the first thing you do when you fall is look---to see if anyone saw you??!) I had tripped over a storage bin (that I left out) and pulled a chair down with me. I injured both legs and my left arm and of course, my dignity. Keith came rushing to see what had happened...and the rest as they say, is history. I anticipate some soreness, but for now I am just grateful that no one else was here. Go figure---as I write this on my blog for the world to see???? It is a little more light hearted than the previous posting. I WILL BE BACK.

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