Monday, February 7, 2011


I have been away from this blog for awhile...guess reluctant to finish the "story" about mom. In the mean time...SUPER BOWL!!! Gosh, it is nearly a national holiday. We settled in with more snacks than we could ever changed around to accommodate the guests...and a bet---(larger than $1) made with Keith. I went with the "underdogs", (even though Mom was born in Pittsburgh) for $25. My choice of teams was purely emotional---I DID think it was time for the trophy to return to WI---(after all it was called Lombardi.)---and I thought WI had the cuter quarterback. They certainly came out fighting. It was one of the first few plays---a touchdown for Greenbay---and what do you think---a flag was thrown. EXCESSIVE CELEBRATING was the call for FIFTEEN YARDS!!!! I was mad---it seemed so harsh for some guy knelling down, all by himself, in the end zone. Consider this---football has all these overgrown, overpaid, well padded "boys". The whole intent of the game is to gain access to a football---that someone else has. Some players get overzealous and grasp a "face mask" or hit late or a thousand and one plays worthy of a penalty. The game itself is set up to hit, tackle, push the ball out and "jam pile" if the ball comes loose. So answer me why a fifteen yard penalty for ONE GUY---not hitting or hurting (at least physically) any one else. Just him---all alone---end zone---kneeling???!!!!!

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jackieb said...

sounds like a fun day. Isn't it funny that is like the most watched show of all time. We certainly do like our football or is the snacks :}