Friday, August 12, 2011

Class Reunions

I had to decline my 5oth high school reunion. I know you're all thinking---that can't be so--trust me, it is so. Living in CA and the costs of travel and other commitments we had to say no. (Keith's reunion was the same weekend) I so wish I could be a "fly on the wall".
It seems like yesterday we celebrated our 25Th. So much had went into the prep. I was living in Lansing at the time---and trying to figure out if I started my diet in June would I "make it" by the date of the reunion. It was at "Boyne Apple Mountain" and I recall climbing a hill with "classmates" to have our picture taken. I tried to be cool in heels that were sticking into the soft earth and praying silently I didn't fall down. The days of having people laugh were not pressuring me anymore. I do recall in school, Miss Penty (English teacher at St. Andrew's"), telling me she saw nothing funny about me. I had stood up in front of class to give a required speech. For some reason---honest, I do not know, the class laughed at me and she promptly sent me back to my seat. I acted cool and nonchalant about it---but I was dying. Not giving the speech was going to cost me. There are many stories---and they play back in my mind when these reunions roll around. But back to the 25Th. Everyone was cheerful and huggy and proclaiming, " look the same," but quietly rejoicing they had their senior picture pinned on them. I also recall paying more for my bra than I did for my dress. (this day and age, I just pray I can keep a bra on for the length of time I need to.)
Keith and I moved west in 1990, but I do remember seeing a classmate, Dick Taylor, at a GM Christmas party. Our eyes had caught each other and I was itching for the speaker to be done so I could see him. He was always in my homeroom and I would consider him a good friend. He always smelled good, wearing "Old Spice", and I remember once in school he and a Zilwaukee buddie told me that they had a 400 bowling game over the weekend. I wanted to appear I knew sports :) so I fussed how great they were. Finally they blew my knowledge of the game, by saying, "...a perfect game can only be 300" than they laughed. Seems I was always making people laugh...but back to GM. The speech had ended and I started out to meet with Dick, gave him a big hug and began talking about families etc. As he was speaking I noted something beige around my waist. That was a riddle since I had a "holiday" dark, skirt on. I looked down and to my horror, my pretty holiday skirt was nearly on the floor. Seems the tiny hook and eye didn't hold. I did the only thing I could, bent down, picked up my skirt and re-fastened it. As I did, Dick said, "Georgia, you 'll never change." you know---maybe he's right. I MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH---but just saying, "all happiness isn't measured by smiles".

'61 will never die...please raise a glass to me---and see you at our 60th!!!!!

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