Thursday, April 7, 2011


Most of my grand kids are on spring break. (you know, that one to two week break to try and "break" parents) I try to do a "one on one" visit, with them when schedules allow. Katie, (the one in brown) graced me with her presence... (providing it was lunch at the soup plantation). We talked a lot about the awards the "Lancer's" took at competition; how fun the recent "show" was at CB HS; and how she has to hit the books because some teachers don't believe in breaks. I think my grand kids are the most responsible, brilliant, cutest etc. I found out that the triplets pictured here---fall under that same description!!! I asked them what they were doing for "spring break", expecting to hear Florida, Hawaii and other such vacation sites. Instead---they are headed to Central America with their physician mom, to help the "natives". Mom will be doing some volunteer surgery and the "kids" are doing whatever is needed. When I look a this small group of "kids" (actually they share the same birth date with Kate) I swell with pride. They were born into a mess of problems and yet they maintain a sense of joy and optimism and service to others.With this example of kids---we have nothing to worry about in our future. We haven't even begun to consider the GREAT KIDS at Vista HS, where my other grand daughter goes.

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