Friday, May 20, 2011


May---a month of dance recitals, upcoming graduation, letters of college acceptances, try-outs, and


Our first granddaughter went to her junior prom last week. How can that be???? Her "Poppa" and her "soul mate" went to record the event. We saw a most beautiful girl in her flowing gray/silver dress, with sequins at the top. Her blond, long hair was off to the side with something threaded through the hair to accent it. She proudly lifted her hem and showed some "slave/gladiator" silver shoes---you know---the strap ones with higher heels than her high chair just a short time ago. It reminded me of the time she so proudly held up her ballet shoes. Shortly thereafter she held up her tap shoes with her invite to dance in competition. With any pair of shoes she dances trough life, enjoying every moment. ( She had worked very hard on the prom for the outgoing seniors---knowing full well---next year was her senior year.) As I hugged her goodbye, I told her, "...granny T put a dime in the hem of my prom dress to call home if we needed to for any reason, they would come get us." She smiled at me, and looked some befuddled----and said---"...why did you get a dime?"

Oh, her date Matthew, was handsome in his tuxedo, and as they drove off---I said," on your I phone if you need anything and oh yeah, thanks for the pictures of the place. They came over so clearly. Have fun "Abba Zappa"---senior year is right around the corner!i

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