Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthdays and Anniversarys

What a weekend this has been. As we approached the weekend I was reminded daily that my Mom's anniversary of one year since she died was approaching. In so many ways it has seemed longer since I had the gift of returning to MI to care for her in her last days. When I feel sad I remember she IS where WE all hope to be...her tears have been washed away and turned into laughter. We are the ones who still miss her ways and support and work when anyone moved or had a rummage sale since her passing. I still hear from people who have been touched by some act of kindness from her. So as the day approached...I remember it is Jack's 13Th birthday on that same day. She had a special relationship with Jack. The Gibson's is where they usually stayed when they came to CA. She loved seeming to help--especially Jack, as he was usually the only one home in that busy household. One of the ways they would pass time is a card game mom taught Jack called GOLF. Don't ask me how to play---she never showed me. She also liked to get him in the habit of doing his homework right away after school so if he "hurried and got everything done"after dinner they could watch "Jeopardy". I say watch because to a normal person's hearing the words are all jumbled because the volume is so high. Jack always respected and "played along"---even though he had other things to do, he would often times delay them, as he knew Gram ma wanted him to play cards or something. Jack is our "gentle spirit". He is the one that seems in tune with someone perhaps having a "bad" day. He would be the one to come up to you---unnoticed (he hoped) to hug you and encourage you. Often times he has said to me, "...Gram ma, we haven't had much time together. Maybe we could do something soon." I am getting off track---back to Mom...
As Jack's birthday approached last year we knew Mom was dying. We also knew that she would deny being superstitious---but she would NEVER DIE ON THE THIRTEENTH! Heck, when we would book her flights OUT HERE TO CA, we not only had to watch the layovers, the times, the seat assignments---we knew Mom would NEVER FLY ON THE THIRTEENTH and certainly NEVER BE SEATED IN THE THIRTEENTH SEAT--- IN THE THIRTEENTH ROW! And so---you guessed it---Mom died on the 14Th of October, at 9:15 am. Oh, that's another thing---we knew she wouldn't die at night---she was always afraid of the dark!!! And so dear Jack----you have the HONOR of Granny T dying on your birthday...and you know, it's o.k. cause Jack always was so kind to Granny. We all know she is smiling down on us---but especially the "birthday boy". We love you Mom!

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Kymberly said...

So Sorry to read that your Mother has passed away!
Sending hugs,