Friday, November 4, 2011

Stormy Weather

It is an unusual rainy day in San Diego. The wind is blowing and it is what we call cold and a good day to snuggle in with a good book. The problem is the weather has played havoc with Carlsbad High School's traditional parade for their homecoming. When asked---very few people could not remember when it has ever RAINED ON THEIR PARADE. The thing is, at the game tonight there is always so much planned for the band, cheerleaders, Lancer Dancers, Flag Corp and presentation of the court. I am not certain what will transpire for sure. I do know that in Michigan (my home town) a little rain was a blessing---especially at this time of year. We would most likely encounter hail, coming down sideways, snow, slush, and winds that really ARE something to talk about. Rain is considered almost a "warm weather" activity. Especially in Lansing, MI. where I have heard they have the least sun of any place---in MI that is. Back to Homecoming at CHS. So many people have worked so hard with floats, practices, etc. etc. What a disappointment---but, like most relaxed Californians, we'll survive, and look to "bright side of life" That is--- the important day---the homecoming dance. I have heard rumors that not a lot of kids go to the dances. I hope that is just a rumor---cause dances are so much a part of high school. Don't lose faith, Lancers, in the words of Annie---"THE SUN WILL COME OUT TOMORROW. Have fun---be safe---the roads are slippery---

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