Friday, November 4, 2011

art---not for the timid

I think most people know that I belong to a group of four women who create art---usually at my house. We have worked on some amazing projects---some I would never have tried on my own. That is the point---to stretch ourselves. This piece is a canvas "bird house" made with twigs and wires and some split threads for the resting bird's nest.
The other is a clay tile box lid, done in L. Mika style. It is a piece honoring my Mom. There are hand made tiles formed, painted and baked---resting around a picture of my Mom and two of her friends. A lot of love went into this piece.
This last posting is actually Debi's I believe. It is a mandala which is a piece of art made of mostly paper, and "gold leaf". Our friend, Sally, showed us this technique. She said she wasn't a teacher, but she directed probably eight of us (that day) to make a beautiful rendering. I have such a time locating my different photos, but I have promised myself to start posting some of what I am doing. Till next time...Geo


Jane LaFazio said...

that recycled circles in the monochromatic is gorgeous!!

Rachél Payne - Creativity Tribe said...

It is so much fun seeing how other people express themselves. Love all three pieces. They spoke to me in different ways. Thanks for stopping by Creativity Tribe.